Giving your goods and staff safe and easy access

Here at Mar-Key Group, we supply entire buildings from the framework to the finish. A lot of this we manufacture and assemble ourselves, such as our doors.

Considering your door configuration is key to ensuring usability of your premises. Doors are the gateway to your goods, so it’s important that your facility is not only accessible, but highly secure.

If you’re looking to make the most out of your facility, roller shutter doors can easily be installed for a seamless entry to your building. These can be located in any bay at both gable ends and/or along the side walls. This allows your building to be both accessible and secure for vehicles, whether used as a warehouse, storage unit or workshop

Additionally, installing pedestrian and MOE doors ensures that the building can be entered and exited safely at all times.

Access options

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Roller Shutter Door

As standard we offer a 3 phase electric roller shutter door as this is more powerful and the motor lasts longer. We ensure to meet your power supply requirements. We also offer a manually operated roller shutter door option if preferred, which will still provide a practical entrance for your facility.

We offer these in a range of sizes to accommodate your exact needs. If you wish to install your own set of roller shutter doors alternatively, this can also be achieved.

Roller shutter doors are compatible with any of our structures, including PVC, Single Skin Steel, and Insulated.

MOE door
MOE Doors

We supply 0.9m single leaf MOE doors with push bars for pedestrian egress. These are made of steel and are high functioning doors.

MOE doors are of huge importance because they lead directly to the exit point in case of emergency such as a fire. The positioning of these doors is therefore pivotal.

These are also available as a double door configuration. Like the single MOE door, the double door is made from steel and has push bars, offering strong performance


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Access Doors

Pedestrian access doors without push bar MOE door furniture. These can be solid steel, PVC or glazed.

These are fitted as standard to enable safe passage by pedestrians where plant may be in operation.

Our access doors can be configured with each single or double doors and positioned anywhere around your facility.

Electric sliding door
Manual/Electric Sliding Doors

These are suitable for pedestrian access / egress. They consist of double doors, which slide open without push bar MOE door furniture. These can be solid steel, PVC or glazed.

Supermarket entrances for example are automatic, with a glazed frontage.

Industrial pallet truck access doors on the other hand are made of steel, sit on channels top and bottom and slide open manually. Although this option does not have insulation it is most suitable for warehouse use.  

Flexible payment options

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Looking for a flexible way to spread the costs of your temporary structure? Hire from us on a month-to-month basis.

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For larger projects, leasing your temporary structure allows you to spread the costs, with an option to buy.

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If you know what you need and want to buy temporary structure outright, we offer competitive prices.

Contact our team

If you’d like to discuss a particular project or get some advice from our team, pop your details below and we’ll be in touch.

You’re in good hands

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Site visits
as standard

We offer site visits to all of our clients as standard. This is a great opportunity to meet with your team, understand your needs and assess the proposed temporary structure location.


Support with planning

We can introduce you to our preferred planning consultants to get the ball rolling. They know the ins and outs of the temporary structure world, and can either offer advice or prepare your whole application.

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Annual inspections

If you want extra peace of mind, we can arrange to carry out annual inspections to maintain your temporary structure. Just speak to one of the team about our maintenance packages and how to keep your temporary structure in tip top condition.


Build on any surface

Whatever your ground surface, we can build on it. Sand, slopes, tarmac.. no problem! Leave it with us to asses and complete the necessary tests. If you need to install a longer term temporary structure solution, our groundwork provider will ensure we have the perfect base to build on.