We design, manufacture and deliver structures
to event and commercial clients.

If you need more space, we’ll create it for you!

Our company has two divisions: Events & Structure Solutions.

We’re proud members of the Made in Britain campaign and champion British manufacturing.


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Who we are

We’re not just another company who sells structures. We are just people. That’s what makes us unique.

Hannah Field, our Sales and Marketing Manager, narrates this brand video, highlighting our successful growth across divisions and the people behind it that make us sparkle.

Our History













A hobby and passion for Olympic sailing led our now Chairman David Tabb to leave his job in hardware and software engineering to set up Tabb Sails selling sail and yacht masts.

Tabb Sails was introduced to extruded aluminium sections and began exploring the manufacture of temporary structures.

A storm blew the main exhibition tent at Southampton Boatshow down. David sought to ask why not use aluminium structures instead, thus began the process of designing structures.

David was approached by a client who had heard his story, and asked him to manufacture some small structures. He designed ‘Tabby Tents’ and was asked to supply to the British Military.

During the recession, David’s friend was struggling to keep his business running, so suggested that they go and win some more tent contracts to make some money. They won the contract for the Beneteau Cup.

As more enquiries started to roll in, Mar-Key Marquees Ltd was born!

Ben Scroggie (now CEO) joins the company as a summer labourer.

Significant growth in the manufacturing department to serve industrial clients sech as Tesco.

Rebrand from Mar-Key Marquees Ltd to Mar-Key Group after a 600% growth in industrial sales to retail clients.

Significant growth over the last few years continues to build brand credibility, and Mar-Key Group is made official supplier the the America’s Cup World Series in Portsmouth.

As the world of events comes to a stop due to Coronavirus, Mar-Key Group divert all of their stock and staff to supplying structures to the NHS, retailers and key workers to support the national efforts during the pandemic.

Our ‘events’ and ‘structure solutions’ 2 divisional strategy is launched on our brand new website!

Our Team

We are only as good as the team we have… and that makes us pretty impressive!

We have some of the most loyal and talented people in the industry which is why we constantly exceed expectations.

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