We believe that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles are crucial to creating a resilient business model and place these matters at the core of our operations. This Policy outlines our company-wide approach to integrating ESG into our business and the key areas on which we focus. We are committed to improving areas that we believe will make a meaningful difference to our employees, the environment and our wider society.

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We are committed to reducing its environmental impact by:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Conserving water and energy (considering buildings, vehicles and travel)
  • Reducing waste by following the waste management hierarchy
  • Using sustainable materials
  • Supporting sustainable practices in our supply chain


We are committed to creating a positive social impact by:

  • Providing safe and healthy working conditions for our employees
  • Supporting diversity and inclusion
  • Giving back to the communities where we operate
  • Ensuring the physical and mental health and safety of all employees
  • Providing flexibility to employees in managing their work-life balance
  • Offering opportunities for learning and development
  • Operating open two-way communication with employees


We are committed to good corporate governance by:

  • Complying with and regularly reviewing all applicable laws and regulations
  • Acting with integrity and transparency
  • Having a clear anti-corruption and anti-bribery policy
  • Adhering to the highest governance and responsible business practices

How we will incorporate ESG into all our operations:

  • This policy is communicated to all employees and business stakeholders, and our approach to ESG is regularly monitored and discussed at board level.
  • Responsibility: every team member understands our and their commitment to ESG and considers these factors when making decisions.
  • Hiring and Working Environment: we are committed to hiring and promoting a diverse team and providing an inclusive working environment, with a Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) policy in place including inclusive hiring and parental leave.
  • Impact & ESG Reporting: we undertake an annual Impact & ESG survey which measures a wide range of metrics, as well as monitoring specific Key Performance Indicators.