Temporary film space such as studios or location support

From audience holding and costume storage to sound stages and complete film studios, our talented team can provide whatever temporary film space you require.

Supporting the film & TV industry

Sound Stages & Film Studios

The Horizon has been designed and produced specifically to offer an extremely large structure that is capable of rigging unusually high loads. With a leg length ranging from 8m to 14m high and a span ranging from 20m right up to 60m, this structure can be deployed quickly and built within a matter of days. The unique design provides an intrinsic structural strength and an enormous underslung payload from the roof trusses.

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temporary film space relocatable
Location Support

We’ve been providing location support for many years and have been lucky enough to have supplied to a number of very well known TV shows and movies! The ability to cover large spaces quickly is why we’ve been the chosen supplier for audience holding, costume and makeup structures.

Flexible payment


Looking for short term hire? You can simply ask to hire one of our standard structures for the dates you need.


If you require long term hire, leasing your structure is another option available to you.


If you know what you need and want to buy the structure outright, this option is always available.

site visits

We offer free site visits to all of our clients. This is a great opportunity to meet with your team, understand your needs and assess the proposed structure location.

Support with planning

We can introduce you to our preferred planning consultants to get the ball rolling. They know the ins and outs of the world of temporary structures, and can either offer advice or prepare your whole application.

Annual inspections

If you want extra peace of mind, we can arrange to carry out annual inspections to maintain your structure. Just speak to one of the team about our maintenance packages and how to keep your structure in tip top condition.

Build on any surface

Whatever your ground surface, we can build on it. Sand, slopes, tarmac.. no problem! Leave it with us to asses and complete the necessary tests. If you need to install a longer term solution, our groundwork provider will ensure we have the perfect base to build on.

temporary film space relocatable
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