Case Study:
Temporary Warehouse Solution

Mar-Key Group were delighted to have won the contract to replace a tired old building used for stores with an up to date and fresh temporary warehouse structure.

Working alongside our client and being involved throughout the process allowed us all to find a solution that met all the demands both of the structure and their budget.

Insulated temporary warehouse space
temporary warehouse space standalone
Warehouse entrance

The Structure

A 20m x 20m structure on a 6m leg was deemed best. To assist with budgetary constraints, we made adjustments to a second hand structure on both width, length & doors. We up-cycled a 10m wide roller door, which allowed them to utilise the full building and its access points. The door is fully electric with a manual override. This along with 2 single MOE doors ensured safe means of exit.

We clad the new structure in insulated panels to conform to building regulations, delivering a lower carbon footprint and providing a fresh and crisp finish.

The roof choice was based on needing to gain a good degree of insulation combined with a competitive price point. This led to our client choosing dual skin inflated PVC. This is pressurised and maintained by a pump drawing from a 16amp feed, which drops in and out to maintain the required pressure. This system of roofing assists with the prevention of condensation as well as aiding in the dispersal of snow and rain.

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