On-Site Storage Solutions

Feeling the squeeze? Warehouse brimming with inventory, and expansion options feeling sluggish or impractical? That’s where we step in. We helped our client break free from their space constraints in a matter of weeks, not years.

Our client faced a classic conundrum: booming business, bursting storage. Relocating was disruptive, off-site options were inconvenient, and traditional building timelines were agonisingly slow. They needed a solution that was fast, flexible, and cost-effective.

The client invested in one our semi-permanent buildings, which can be constructed in a matter of weeks using modular components and fitted out to their requirements.

With our solution in mind, the client then helped us to understand their project further.


They scheduled a site visit from our team who undertook site-specific calculations very early on.

It became apparent that any new structure must not interfere with a tree protection area to the right-hand side, neither invade into neighbouring business territory to the left-hand side.

To make the most of the space they had, the client sought a bespoke structure that could create the capacity they needed without crossing any boundaries.

Our plans involved installing an irregular structure next to their existing warehouse and making use of every square metre.

The structure would be positioned at such an angle that it would not encroach onto tree protected areas. However, to avoid overlapping other businesses land, our design incorporated a cut-out to create a bespoke L-shape structure.

These were submitted to the planning authorities to process, which was quick and easy with our supporting documents.


Having solved their initial problem and establishing their end-use requirements, we then focused on the foundations.

Building directly on the grass would not be a viable long term solution, therefore we supplied a concrete slab design. Our slab design raised the foundations 150mm above ground, while the cladding laps down the side of the slab to further prevent water ingress.


They were very keen to insulate the structure to protect the welfare of their workers and increase the longevity of their building. We helped them to achieve this with a finish that blended seamlessly with their existing facility. The facility features insulated roof and wall panels for optimal thermal performance.

temporary warehouse space installed
Bespoke warehouse
temporary structure with unusual shape
roller shutter doors
MOE door
warehouse walls
Warehouse Design Visual
modular warehouse


We designed an L-shaped structure respecting property lines and trees, exceeding client expectations!

The made-to-measure building consists of a 20m x 30m frame with 5m x 10m cut-out. It is built on a 4m leg to provide a highly versatile storage and work space, which is suitable for installing racking and increasing their on-site capacity.

Our on-site storage solutions avoid slow relocations and expensive construction. We provided our client with an additional 550 sqm in just 15 days with our customisable, modular warehouse!

The structure is wind and snow loaded to meet site-specific conditions and complies with Building Control.

We always go above and beyond for our clients. From supplying visuals to support your planning documentation to conducting annual inspections, our team works as an extension of yours.

We have dedicated area sales managers deployed around the country who are available to come visit your site from point of enquiry. From here we are able to offer faster lead times than elsewhere on the market, thanks in part to our position as UK manufacturers.

If your business is growing fast or are looking to expand, contact us today and solve your space constraints.

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