Aircraft Seating Storage Solution

Technology experts and leaders in their field of aircraft seating, our client had accomplished considerable success designing and manufacturing their products, but when it came to storage, they had a problem. Goods were stored in shipping containers in their yard, which proved especially challenging during the winter, as the client complained of moisture damage to their goods due to condensation. The business required an immediate yet long-term solution, and as such, they decided to team up with us to design and build a temporary warehouse building on their site using space they already had.

Process: Design

Having visited the site, we established a suitable concrete surface for building upon. A set of unused car park bays at the back of their yard presented the ideal build location.

Our fast formula had been sought primarily to address the issue of moisture damage to aircraft seating with effective insulation and drainage.

Other aspects outlined the need for illumination and mains supply throughout the facility. Fortunately, our terrific team delivers a turn-key solution to ensure it meets your exact needs.

Having obtained a greater understanding of their project needs, we entered the design phase. The proposed product was an off-the-shelf configuration, so we supplied drawings according to the standard structure and finish. Structural calculations were not required.

Process: Production

The client looked to move quickly with a temporary warehouse building needed right away. In light of this, once we had confirmed the order, we moved straight to production. Here at Mar-Key Group, we manufacture and assemble our own kit, which means it’s British quality and it’s out the door quicker.

The order was for the purchase of a 15m x 30m on 4m leg, fully-insulated building. We offered a flexible hire option, however they decided to invest upfront as it could be relocated in future to another site.

Process: Build

Three weeks later, all manufactured components had been delivered to site ready for installation.

Our in-house build team erected the frame and fitted the cladding in less than two weeks. before handing over to our electrical contractors for fit-out. The building is finished with a 5m x 4m roller shutter door and two MOE doors to accommodate their warehouse requirements.


The full scope of works and features include:

  • Weatherproof construction: 40mm steel sandwich panel roof and walls, ensuring protection from the elements and eliminating the moisture problem experienced with shipping containers.
  • Efficient drainage: Highline gutters and downpipes installed along the side walls to effectively channel rainwater away from the structure.
  • Standard and convenient design: 15m x 30m clearspan aluminum structure with a standard ground seal for a simple and efficient foundation on the existing concrete base.
  • Accessibility: A 5m x 4m electrically operated roller shutter door with ample headroom clearance to provide easy access for larger items. Two single steel doors with push bars, handles, locks, and emergency lights offering additional access points.
  • Illumination: Five high bay LED lights will ensure visibility within the storage facility.
  • Separate electrical work: Mains and containment within the structure for powering equipment.

temporary warehouse building works

temporary warehouse building roof
temporary warehouse aerial
temporary warehouse building aluminium frame
temporary warehouse building purlins

Problem solved

This new storage facility created a brand new work environment to protect both inventory and their staff. Where the storage containers were inaccessible to plant and relied solely upon manual labour, goods now be safely transported directly from the warehouse.

Products are weather protected under a fully-insulated roof to eradicate condensation and safety sealed inside a fully-enclosed temporary warehouse building for your complete peace of mind.

The efficient design and construction shall minimise downtime and ensure quicker operations, resulting in a better service for their clients.

It’s true that technology often works together. If you’re seeking a solution to implement your own, let us know, and we’ll deliver the space you need!