Surface Mounted
Building Construction

Our client has been manufacturing roller shutter doors for over thirty years from the same factory in Shropshire. However higher volume of stock and increase in orders caused them to exceed their existing storage capacity, which led to some of their steel components being stored outside on pallets/racking and exposed to the elements.

This was highly unsuitable therefore they were searching for a more secure solution to cover their excess materials.

They enquired about installing a surface mounted warehouse. Just weeks later, we delivered it.

Site Visit

The required dimensions for the structure were 10 x 10m on a 4m leg for their pallet storage. We determined that this could be built besides their existing facility.

Although the proposed area presented an ideal location for the warehouse, it was discovered that it could not be staked due to underground services. Instead they agreed for the building to be weighted into the ground.

This would enable the surface mounted building to withstand strong winds at certain times of the year in Shropshire.

The structure and the weights were delivered together to prevent any disruption, and can be easily removed or relocated if required at a later date.

Seamless Finish

They needed a building that reflected their simple yet sleek branding. With several RAL colours available as standard for their cladding and flashings, we helped create a space that perfectly complemented their site.

We applied single skin steel panels to the walls in a pidgeon grey finish combined with matching guttering and downpipes and royal blue flashings.

As this was ultimately wet weather cover with no requirement for insulation, our client opted for a PVC roof that could effectively protect their stock.

However, to achieve a secure finish and seamless aesthetics, the building has been fitted with a roller shutter door, which our client were able to take responsibility for.

Temporary building cladding
Temporary storage building
Temporary building entrance
Surface Mounted Building