Case Study
Temporary Warehouse

Our client had been considering redevelopment of their existing warehouse when they approached us for a temporary structure, which could be built faster to continue their operations during the interim period.

The Process

Other than space, the structure aimed to provide insulation, condensation proofing, and great visibility. It was also important to our client that the building was accessible from all angles.

Where the existing site had been previously, we were able to utilize the concrete floor as a base for the structure. We bolted the Clearspan frame and undertook a pull test to ensure the concrete would be suitable.

We fitted the warehouse with steel insulated walls and a blow up roof, which offered durability and maintained insulation. To further meet the client’s needs, we equipped the internal structure with a diesel-fired heater. Another great benefit to this design is that it limits condensation, keeping tools and work areas dry.

Our team supplied 3-phase power, used for operation of the roller shutter doors, located at the front. The client also requested three single steel MOE doors in case of emergency.

We installed high-bay LED lighting to enhance visibility around the workshop, and additional emergency lighting to ensure worker’s safety.

temporary warehouse heating example
Temporary Warehouse
Insulated Warehouse Southampton

The Result

Rather than taking up the best part of a year as permanent extension could have taken, this project took merely four days!

On completion, the client commented on how the structure had changed the way they viewed ‘temporary structures’ and how useful this would be in the future.

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