Pallet Storage Solution

A builders merchant along the South Coast contacted our team as they were seeking a long term solution for storing pallets in their yard.

They planned to replace a number of their existing factory units, which were becoming obsolete, with a semi-permanent warehouse.

This sought after solution would allow them to move quickly and remain on the current site. Furthermore, the demountable, adjustable and relocatable characteristics of our structures ensured the client had a future proof solution should their needs change.

Site Visit

Having visited the site, we discovered that its position would be in close proximity to neighbouring boundaries.

We took necessary measures to fully comply with Building Control, allowing them to create the space they needed.

A sloped site also meant that an enhanced ground seal would be required to combat an uneven concrete surface.

Design and Manufacture

The client stores a high volume of materials that require protecting from adverse weather conditions, therefore both scale and specification mattered.

We manufactured components for a 15m long by 35m wide frame, designed on a 6m leg to achieve the required clearance for forklifts internally.

Within a few weeks, the structure was ready for delivery to site.


Our dedicated build team erected the structure with minimal disruption.

The warehouse has been fitted with insulated wall panels and a thermo-insulated roof for effective climate-control.

The building is equipped with a set of roller shutter doors to enable safe passage of plant while entering and exiting the warehouse.

In addition, we have installed three individual MOE doors for convenient pedestrian movement.

Within a fortnight the building had been signed off, leaving the client with a contemporary warehouse that can remain in situ for many years.


Blow up roof warehouse
Warehouse Installation
Semi Permanent Warehouse
Builders Merchant Warehouse