Case Study
Storage solution

Our client needed a temporary storage solution in a hurry to ensure they had an area to stockpile additional parts purchased from Germany ahead of Brexit.

In a secure compound and on the same site as their current warehouse, the were happy for a soft PVC finish as their goods did not require temperature control. The temporary storage warehouse was located right next to their main warehouse and a sliding door provides easy access, and strip lights mean it can be used safely at any time of day.

Temporary Storage Solution
Temporary Structure On-Site
On-Site Storage Space

Taking just 2 days to install, the 15m x 30m clear-span structure on a 4m high leg will provide our client with 450 sqm of additional space and enable them to continue business as usual regardless of the Brexit uncertainty.

Remaining in situ for 26 weeks, the structure did require planning permission however the planning process is far easier and less time consuming than that required to install a permanent warehouse. Hiring a temporary storage structure also means that, when it’s no longer required, we will simply remove the entire structure within a day or two.

Information regarding the temporary storage spaces we offer can be found here, alternatively get in touch to obtain your quote.