Large scale buildings for the distribution industry

When it comes to distribution centres for goods, location is key. That’s for three good reasons – to prevent supply chain disruption, increase efficiency and to limit transport emissions.

As a British building manufacturer, we have a solution for any need for space. From distribution hubs to fulfilment centres, no matter the scale of your operation, we can build more space for your operations.

In additional to our standard buildings, we also offer The Horizon. A large-scale building solution that is quick and cost-effective to install compared with traditional building methods. It’s clear-span internal space provides ample opportunity for racking and goods movement, making it an ideal solution as a distribution centre.

Designed to help retailers and logistics companies to quickly respond to growing demand, our surface-mounted buildings can be constructed on any surface within a matter of weeks.

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The Horizon Warehouse Racking
The Horizon
Single Skin Steel Warehouse
The Horizon Blow Up Roof
The Horizon in situ
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What we do

We turn empty space into usable space. Whether that’s an empty car park, and expanse of land or a pocket of your yard, we can deliver any structure, shape, size and specification to meet your needs.

Available up to 14 metre to the eave, 60 metre span, we build in 5m bays which can extend to any length you need.

Made in our manufacturing facility in the UK, we understand that in that in the world of logistics time is of the essence. We deliver British quality large-scale buildings in a matter of weeks. Check out the range of finishes we have available:

Designed and installed

Just like your customers, our expect quick delivery. As British building manufacturers, we can fulfil faster lead times than elsewhere on the market, and offer greater versatility in design.

We’ll support you throughout the journey, from submitting visuals to the planning authorities to liaising with sub contractors to ensure your timelines are met. Want us to handle all the internals too? Just ask for a turn-key building.

Our product is designed and constructed to site-specific requirements and built to last for as long as your business needs it to. Whether that’s an interim facility or a long-term solution to accommodate growth, we’ve got you covered.


The Horizon – Reuse. Relocate. Recycle.

For a complete distribution centre, The Horizon has you covered. The large scale and high specification of our buildings is suitable for general use as a distribution centre such as housing multiple aisles of racking, movement of large machinery and housing of goods. Additionally, you can create multiple floors with staircases and an internal mezzanine. Due to its intrinsic structural strength, The Horizon is even capable of rigging an overhead gantry.

  • Eave heights: 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m
  • Span widths: 20m, 30m, 40m, 60m
  • Capable of rigging unusually high loads
  • Complies fully with UK building regulations for wind and snow loading

Contact our team

If you’d like to discuss a particular project or get some advice from our team, pop your details below and we’ll be in touch.

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Site visits
as standard

We offer site visits to all of our clients as standard. This is a great opportunity to meet with your team, understand your needs and assess the proposed temporary structure location.


Support with planning

We can introduce you to our preferred planning consultants to get the ball rolling. They know the ins and outs of the temporary structure world, and can either offer advice or prepare your whole application.

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Annual inspections

If you want extra peace of mind, we can arrange to carry out annual inspections to maintain your temporary structure. Just speak to one of the team about our maintenance packages and how to keep your temporary structure in tip top condition.


Build on any surface

Whatever your ground surface, we can build on it. Sand, slopes, tarmac.. no problem! Leave it with us to asses and complete the necessary tests. If you need to install a longer term temporary structure solution, our groundwork provider will ensure we have the perfect base to build on.