Temporary Sports Hall and Dining Hall Hire

Following the discovery of RAAC by surveyors at a high school in Stockport, the local council made the decision to close parts of the school building, disrupting many of their day-to-day activities.

As a result, the school were seeking a fast, temporary building solution to facilitate their students until remediation and rebuild works could commence. Due to the uncertainty, a flexible hire solution suited their needs best. Our delivery included a temporary sports hall and dining hall facility, hired for a six month duration with an option to extend.

Built in just 1 week, Mar-Key Group’s modular buildings were the ideal way to ensure that the impact on students and teachers was minimal. 

There are more examples of our temporary school facilities such as temporary classrooms and dining halls available throughout our website to help you find what you need.

A fast solution

The client looked to hire a sports hall and dining facility for an initial six month period as an interim facility. 

Although they only required a short-term solution, the school required the building to be adequately insulated to help create a comfortable environment for their students.

Additionally, they needed full fit-out to ensure the space could be occupied immediately after sign-off causing minimal disruption. 

Situated on the school playground, the units were installed on a level concrete surface, which is ideal for this type of solution. We were able to ballast these down without any groundworks required at the client’s request.

The building configurations consisted of a 20m x 20m study and dining hall, and then a 10m x 15m sports hall immediately adjacent.

External Finish

The exterior cladding of the buildings is insulated wall panels and thermo-inflated roof and gables to allow the building to retain heat. Security doors and accessibility ramps provide a durable and practical entry and exit to the building.

Internal Finish

To achieve the desired internal specification, we partnered with Star Live on all the internal fit out works.

Both structures include wooden flooring, fire alarms, lighting and temperature control to create a suitable environment for students through all weathers.

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Temporary school buildings
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End result

Delivered within just a one-week window, the project went directly according to plan, from start to finish providing a smart and functional environment for the school. The client is so happy with the temporary sports hall and dining hall that they have extended their hire to enjoy for even longer.

Facing a similar disruption? Learn how we can help ensure education continues with our guide to temporary school facilities. Alternatively, you can contact our team on 01202 577 111 or