Langley Park School

‘Minimal disruption and a fully functioning learning space.’

With existing facilities due to be knocked down, we provided 3 temporary structures for Langley Park School to provide additional space in the interim until the new buildings were completed.

The brief was to create a learning enviornemnt that would be suitable for students for the mid-long term until the new buildings were ready to occupy.

Insulated walling

Suspended ceilings

Packing and leveling from a very uneven surface

Fully-fitted platforms and ramps

School extension
Temporary Education Space Cafeteria
Teaching space
temporary education space classroom


To ensure minimal disruption for students, we provided the following fully functioning spaces:

temporary education space classroom
Chemistry laboratory

Including suitable extraction, gas supply and storage, and a separate area for chemical preparation etc.


12m x 9m structure with Cat 2 lighting, entrance hall, store room and prep area for technicians, chemical resistant, raised flooring, good sound insulation from external noise.

School building solution
Pair of Classrooms

A spacious and light space providing an appropriate working environment for the students.


Entrance with locker area, Cat 2 lighting, dedicated store rooms, sturdy raised flooring, good sound insulation between classrooms and from external noise, fire escape in each room.

Temporary Education Space Cafeteria
6th form facilties

This area provides a social break out space for 6th former’s and can also be used as a canteen.


15m x 20m structure with insulated steel roof and wall panels, glazed door and wall panels on the front.

We handled all elements of these turn-key installs, installing the temorary buildings with minimal disruption and in just a matter of weeks. Clad and finished to blend with existing facilities, our solution was also build with cost in mind.

From access and fire exits through to dropped celings, windows and a bespoke packing system to account for the uneven ground surface, our temporary school buildings successfully provided a comfortable learning space for students.

When you choose Mar-Key Group, you don;t need to comprimise on quality. Deigned, manufactured and delivered to British standards, we have a solution for long and short term use.


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