What are the benefits of semi-permanent storage?

If you are wondering how you can quickly expand your business space to meet your ever-evolving requirements, semi permanent storage may be the answer. From extensions and loading canopies to temporary buildings, you’re spoilt for choice.

To help you streamline your options, simply carry on reading to find out why you should consider a semi-permanent storage solution from the temporary structure professionals at Mar-Key Group.

What is the purpose of semi-permanent storage?

The purpose of semi-permanent space is to create additional mid-term to long-term space for businesses. This temporary building solution is ideal for combatting seasonal storage issues, warehouse overflow and storage problems associated with rapidly growing businesses.

Regardless of whether extra storage space is required for a matter of weeks or months, a semi-permanent warehouse could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Keen to find out more? Discover the various benefits associated with semi-permanent storage below!


What are the benefits of semi-permanent storage?

Time-saving – Far faster than constructing a permanent storage space for your business, semi-permanent storage can be erected in a matter of days as they are constructed using component parts, require less labour and planning considerations – ideal if you need additional space as soon as possible!

Affordable – When you consider the labour and material costs associated with constructing a permanent warehouse, semi-permanent structures are much more affordable. Plus, you also have a choice of semi-permanent warehouse size and cladding, helping you to keep costs down with ease.

It’s also worth mentioning that many temporary structure providers (like Mar-Key Group) offer a range of payment options including hiring, leasing or outright purchasing the semi-permanent storage structure to suit your budget.

Planning permission – Often, semi-permanent structures that are designed to be erected for less than 28 days and/or are smaller than 100m² do not need planning permission. While this general rule of thumb is subject to stipulations, it can make the planning process for semi-permanent structures both simpler and faster.

Flexibility – Due to the temporary nature of these buildings, they can often be easily dissembled and reassembled in various locations. This makes them ideal for businesses that are constantly evolving or growing at a fast pace.


Semi-permanent storage warehouses at Mar-Key

Eager to find the right semi-permanent warehouse for your business? At Mar-Key Group, we offer a wide range of semi-permanent solutions to ensure there’s a temporary structure to suit the needs of every client. Our temporary warehouse space options are ideal for supporting fast-growing businesses as well as companies that annually require short-term, seasonal storage.

Regardless of whether you require a single-skin (steel or PVC), insulated or thermo-inflated temporary storage area, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team! To ensure we can help every business with their temporary storage ideas and requirements, we also provide temporary loading bays and canopies, as well as roller shutter doors and access solutions.

Founded in 1991, our professional team of in-house designers and technicians have years of invaluable experience delivering a variety of semi-permanent warehouse buildings including bespoke temporary structure solutions and buildings. Plus, we also offer a selection of payment options and plans – hire, lease, or purchase – the choice is yours!

From free site visits to planning consultant recommendations, we provide tailored support every step of the way. To get in touch today, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01202577111, send us an email to info@mar-key.com or visit our online contact page. Simply fill in the form with your basic contact details and your enquiry, and we’ll ensure a member of our team gets in touch soon to discuss your semi-permanent storage requirements further.