Best temporary storage ideas for businesses

Running out of room to run your business? Why not consider a cheap temporary storage solution that’s not only reliable and able to last for years, but also budget-friendly? Instead of spending your valuable time, effort and money on a permanent solution, we recommend exploring cheap temporary storage ideas first.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for something that will last for a matter of months or years, we can help. At Mar-Key Group, we offer an extensive range of temporary outdoor storage ideas including structures with thermo-inflated roofs, insulated panelling and roller doors, so we know which temporary storage ideas are right for different businesses.

What is temporary storage?

A common solution to storage issues created by unexpected demand or seasonal changes is temporary structures. These non-permanent structures can be used for private storage but are most often designed for commercial use to either house goods, equipment or merchandise. According to schedule 2 of The Building Regulations 2010, a temporary building is “A building that is not intended to remain where it is erected for more than 28 days”.

It’s worth noting, however, that many of the structures we deliver at Mar-Key Group can stay in place for months or even years with the right planning permission. We even offer annual inspections as part of our maintenance packages to ensure your temporary structure maintains its great condition. Not to mention, due to the wide range of styles, materials and sizes, temporary storage facilities can be used for almost any storage purpose – especially when they are fully bespoke.

Five temporary storage ideas for businesses

Unsure which temporary storage idea is the best fit for your business? Below, we explore five temporary storage ideas and the various businesses that can take advantage of them. From temporary cold storage rooms to robust and extensive loading canopies, there’s no shortage of fantastic semi-permanent storage solutions that can be built atop practically any surface.

Temporary cold storage

Ideal for any business that deals in perishable goods (which can include everything from medicines and processed meats to dairy products and even organs), temporary cold storage has many benefits. Not only is this option more affordable than the permanent alternative, but it can also help to prevent waste by slowing down the deterioration process with refrigeration or freezing.

Temporary loading canopies

Looking for loading bays and canopies that can be added onto your business in an instant? Available in a wide range of different widths and heights, these temporary storage solutions make ideal distribution centres and storage areas for pallets, machinery and equipment. These strong and durable structures are therefore ideal for a wide range of businesses that ship out large products or need a dry place to store their loading machinery.

Temporary single skin structures

Here at Mar-Key Group, we offer two types of temporary single skin structures – steel and PVC. These secure and robust temporary storage solutions can be used to create your ideal storage space. Regardless of whether you’re searching for extra security or want to protect your products for the elements, these structures have a permanent appearance and boast practical functionality. Plus, the PVC single skin structures are more affordable and can be easily moved and dismantled, making them ideal for businesses that need to be adaptable or are growing quickly.

Temporary insulated panel structures

For businesses that want a long-lasting temporary structure, we recommend opting for a versatile insulated panel building. Ideal for products that need to be stored in a temperature-controlled environment, these durable temporary structures can even be used as an office space! Providing optimal security while helping to prevent condensation and heat loss, these structures are available in a huge variety of thicknesses, colours and finishes to suit your specific requirements.

Temporary structures with a thermo-inflated roof

Unlike the standard single skin steel and PVC temporary structures, a panel insulated building with a thermo-inflated roof provides maximum insulation. At Mar-Key Group, our thermo-inflated roofs are compatible with all our temporary storage options and can help to create a permanent appearance for a range of different buildings. From temporary changing rooms to temporary supermarket stores, these structures help to eliminate condensation and retain heat.

What are the most affordable temporary storage ideas for businesses?

Hiring your temporary storage solution is often the most affordable route to go down if you’re working with a stricter budget. In most cases, hiring a temporary storage solution is a great choice for short-term and one-off events, while leasing the structure is typically best for long-term hire. However, if you want to own the structure and use it for years, purchasing will be your only option. Luckily, you can choose between hiring, leasing or purchasing your temporary structure at Mar-Key Group.

Temporary storage at Mark-Key Group

Eager to explore all your temporary storage ideas? At Mar-Key Group, we offer a wide range of temporary storage solutions that can be hired, leased or purchased to suit your budget. Regardless of whether you’re searching for cheap temporary storage or can stretch your budget to a bespoke creation, the talented team of in-house designers and expert technicians at Mar-Key Group can help.

Founded in 1991, we’ve been brushing up on our temporary storage solutions for years and have delivered a temporary structure to a wide range of businesses and industries up and down the UK. We offer everything from temporary storage buildings with insulated panelling to straightforward single skin steel temporary structures and even temporary storage warehouses with thermo-inflated roofs.

To ensure you opt for the best temporary business storage solution to suit your requirements, location and budget, we provide free site visits for all clients. Our experienced team can provide expert advice and guidance to help you make a well-informed decision. Not to mention, we can even introduce you to our preferred planning consultants – ideal if you require additional support.

If you’d like to delve a little deeper into the available temporary warehouse storage solutions here at Mar-Key Group, please feel free to get in touch today! You can either discuss your temporary storage structure project with a member of our team by calling us on 01202577111 or sending us an email to You can also get in touch via our quick and easy online contact page.