How much does it cost to build a temporary sports hall?

Whatever your reasoning might be for seeking out a temporary sports hall, and for any questions you may have such around temporary sports hall costs, we’re here help. Contact us today for any temporary structure enquiries!

Are your existing permanent sports halls currently under renovation? Or maybe your current sports hall has suffered significant damage that has put it out of commission for the foreseeable future.

Regardless of whether you want to find out more about the cost of constructing a temporary tennis court cover or are eager to uncover how much it costs to build an indoor sports hall/facility, we can help. Below, we explore and compare the costs of building both permanent and temporary sports halls and facilities in more detail.


How much does it cost to build a sports hall?

Whatever your temporary sports hall or facility requirements might be, they must work with your budget to ensure your proposed project is actually feasible. However, as the cost of building a sports hall will very much vary depending on the size, finish, and features of the structure, there’s no set budget determining how much you should spend.

As a result, it can be difficult to determine whether you’ve found a good deal or are looking at paying a pricier sum. This is why we always recommend contacting a professional company with extensive experience delivering similar temporary structures that abide by all the latest building rules and regulations.

Simply get in touch if you want to receive a no-obligation, accurate, reliable quote for your temporary sports facility! Not to mention, here at Mar-Key Group, we offer free site visits and can even work with you to explore your payment options. With the choice of hiring, leasing, or purchasing a variety of temporary sports halls, we aim to make accessing semi-permanent space more affordable for a range of businesses.


Is a temporary sports hall more affordable than a permanent one?

Concerned about your semi-permanent sports hall budget? Naturally, the cost of building a sports hall (regardless of whether it’s a temporary or permanent structure) will vary depending on the required size, finish, and design. For example, the cost of including compact changing rooms will vary greatly to the price of including a large, temporary sports hall gym, complete with a set of added external changing rooms.

However, a temporary sports hall is typically a far more affordable alternative to the permanent version because they require far less capital expenditure. Instead of spending time and money purchasing or building a permanent sports hall, you could simply build a temporary alternative on pre-existing land already owned by the company or organisation.

It’s also worth noting that depending on the size, purpose, and length of time you plan on using the temporary structure, you may not need to apply for planning permission either. According to UK Government guidance, planning permission for temporary structures are required for those that are bigger than 100m² and/or will remain erected for more than 28 days.

However, if your proposed temporary sports hall is smaller than 100m² and will only remain in place for a few weeks or less (and meets all the other relevant requirements), planning permission won’t be necessary. This can save you both time and money when it comes to hiring a planning consultant and submitting a successful planning application.


What is the average cost of building a temporary sports hall?

So, how much does a sports hall cost on average if you choose a temporary sport structure instead of the permanent alternative? Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. This is because there are so many areas to consider when building a temporary sports hall.

What will the dimensions of the temporary sport structure be? What degree of lighting and heating will be required to regulate the building temperature? Would you prefer to hire the temporary sports hall or purchase the structure? Are internal partitions required? How much drainage and guttering is needed?

Once you begin to answer these questions and many more related queries, you’ll be able to form a clearer idea of the exact costs involved in building a temporary sports hall that meets your specific requirements. As always, for a more accurate price, get in touch with the professionals who will be able to provide you with a rough cost estimate once they find out more about your proposed temporary sports facility!


Buy, lease, or hire a temporary sports hall…

Here at Mar-Key Group, we have decades of invaluable experience delivering a wide range of temporary buildings suitable for a variety of applications. As a British manufacturer, we’ve created countless bespoke temporary sports halls and facilities for businesses and industries across the UK.

From temporary changing rooms and gyms to semi-permanent sports halls, court covers, and seating covers, all of our structures are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. We also offer free site visits and groundwork tests to help you ensure your desired temporary sports facility is built upon suitable ground in an appropriate area.

Not to mention, we also aim to cater to every sports facility budget by offering a selection of payment plans for our customers to explore. As with most temporary buildings available at Mar-Key, you will be given the option of hiring, leasing, or outright purchasing the structure to make a semi-permanent building solution even more affordable.

If you’d like to learn more about the different types of temporary sports facilities we have created and can create here at Mar-Key Group, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and highly-knowledgeable team! Alternatively, you can also explore our comprehensive case study hub that’s filled with examples of our previous work – including temporary warehouses, temporary loading bays, education spaces, and sports facilities.

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