Why choose a temporary loading bay canopy?

Considering expanding your warehousing business with a high-quality loading bay canopy that meets all your requirements? Find out how temporary loading bay canopies could transform the way your business works from the team of experienced semi-permanent structure professionals at Mar-Key Group. We explore the definition of a loading bay canopy and the benefits of choosing a semi-permanent loading bay canopy in more detail, below.


What is a loading bay canopy?

Put simply, a loading bay canopy is a covered structure that creates a protected entrance area to your business premises. Ideal for providing protection against all the elements (ice, wind, rain, UV rays, and snow), these structures can be either freestanding or wall-mounted and can be incredibly useful for a range of industries.

Typically, these loading canopies make essential additions to factories and warehouses as they can be used as overflow stock storage, and they also help to prevent stock and equipment damage by weatherproofing operations. By reducing the likelihood of accidental damage to goods and equipment, they help to maintain revenue and increase workplace efficiency.


Why choose temporary loading bay canopies?

Boasting the same functionality and features of more permanent loading canopies, temporary loading bay canopies are a fantastic alternative for fast-growing companies or businesses that need extra space in an instant. Benefiting from quick and easy construction and a more affordable price tag than the permanent alternative, there are plenty of reasons to opt for a temporary loading bay canopy.

At Mar-Key Group, for example, our temporary loading bays and canopies comes in a wide range of widths (from 5m to 30m) and on standard leg heights up to 6m. As a British manufacturer, we can also design and build a bespoke solution too. Typically constructed using a combination of anodised aluminium and durable single skin steel, these structures are cost-effective, long-lasting, and can be quickly and easily erected in a matter of days.


Temporary loading bay canopies at Mar-Key Group

Regardless of whether you want to increase productivity, create a larger storage space, or generate additional revenue for your company, our temporary structures could be the key! To explore the selection of semi-permanent loading bays and canopies we’ve already produced for previous clients, please check out our case study hub that’s filled with examples of our work.

If a temporary loading bay canopy sounds like the ideal addition to your industrial warehouse, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Mar-Key Group team today! Offering everything from free site visits and groundwork tests to our selection of payment options, we make obtaining your ideal temporary structure effortless.

You can choose between hiring the temporary structure for a short period, leasing for a longer term, or outright purchasing the building for unlimited use. While we’re well-known for our loading bays and canopies, we can create a wide range of temporary warehouse  or  temporary storage buildings – including semi-permanent sports facilities, retail structures, temporary storage ideas and education spaces.

If you’d like to discuss your industrial loading bay canopy requirements with a member of our team or are keen to find out more about our services and products, please feel free to call us today. You can reach us on 01202 577 111 or via email using the address info@mar-key.com. Alternatively, you can also use our handy online contact form to submit your enquiry – we hope to hear from you soon!