Need a temporary warehouse structure? We’ll create a warehouse for all of your storage needs.


We’ll work with you to finalise interior layout options and entry/exit points so that your space works just as you need it to. Our temporary warehouse structures are available for short and long term hire and purchase. Whether your business is in logistics, wholesale, manufacturing or freight, as the UK’s leading temporary structure manufacturer we will make your space exactly as you need it. 


Metal Walling and/or Roofs

Single skin corrugated metal

Can be applied to gables , walls and roofs

Provides extra security and is hard-wearing

Ideal for industrial usage

5mm profile

Polyester coating

Available in a variety of colours

Insulated Walling and/or Roofs

Metal encased sandwich panel system

Perfect for stock requiring storage in a temperature controlled environment

Can be fitted horizontally or vertically

ECOsafe and FIREsafe polyisocyanurate (PIR) core

Ideal for long-term usage

20mm – 100mm thickness depending on your requirements

Blow-Up PVC Roof

Uses electric pump to fill 2 layers of PVC

Offers a level insulation

Assists in sound insulation

Reduces internal condensation

Variety of door types including


Sliding Door

Single MOE

Double MOE

Roller shutter for easy goods movement