Case Study
Gray’s Inn

The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn required a temporary kitchen at the southern end of the building, to be used over the summer for food preparation and cooking. They also needed to create a link between the main property and the temporary structure, which would provide rain and wind cover when they are delivering food.

We offered our client a temporary space whilst their permanent kitchen is being refurbed. The 12.5m x 20m structure has 3m weighted legs, took 5 days to build and shall remain in place until at least September.

Kitchen Building
Temporary Kitchen
Temporary Kitchen Extension

To provide durability and security, we used insulated Kingspan walling around the main structure, supported by a PVC roof, alongside two PVC links to keep the weather at bay. These links measured 3m x 3m and 3m x 6m, providing shelter and housing a weighted disability ramp, which is designed to match the top step inside.

We equipped the temporary kitchen with 3 MOE double doors and LED Lighting, providing an accessible and habitable environment for staff to work.

The client requested altro flooring to comply with food grade regulations. We applied a ply overlay to the floor to enable the floor to be fitted. We also designed low level leg boxes to fit the altro flooring around each leg.

Our solution has helped Gray’s Inn continue cooking for their guests during the refurbishment, and the contract could be extended beyond the summer should there be any delay.

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