Case Study HAC

‘Having worked with Mar-Key Group for numerous years I can safely say that are a fantastic supplier. The planning and communication is extremely strong, which gives myself and my team confidence that the structures will be delivered to the highest of standards.’

Varying in internal specification slightly year on year, this large structure includes main reception / dining area with additional structures housing catering, toilet and walkway facilities which operate as an all-inclusive hospitality space for up to 800 guests.

Working with CH&Co, this structure set up is reviewed and developed on a year by year basis to allow for feedback from the client and their customers to be given to the Mar-Key Project Manager. It’s one of the reasons why we work with a ‘part of your team’ approach. We always try to full understand our client’s (and their client’s) needs so that they have a structure that meets all of their needs from both a design and functionality perspective.

Max Structure Width: 25M

Max Structure Length: 95M

Structure Build Period: 9 Days

Location: London

temporary hospitality structures
corporate hospitality structure
Event structure build
Summer structure
Summer venue

Ultimately, when we deliver structures for an event like those held at The HAC, we don’t want people to even notice that they’re in a temporary structure! The goal is that they’re so immersed in the event experience that the venue that we provide just becomes a part of that. THAT is when you know you’ve delivered and exceeded expectation, and it’s what we always strive for.