RAAC Temporary Classroom Requirement

The CEO of a school trust sought a solution to the RAAC issues experienced by her group of schools. We informed her about our temporary classroom solution and there was zero hesitation. We went from enquiry to delivery in just 10 days.

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Delivered within ten days

Our services were immediately acquired to install a set of temporary classrooms across the playground for a school in Suffolk, suitable for relocating students. The completed work would be spaced out over ten days, offering an amazing turnaround time for a turn-key project.

We delivered a 10m x 25m clear span structure as standard for our client. Split into four teaching areas, each classroom is able to accommodate a class of 32 students as well as plenty of teaching space.

The structure is cladded with 80mm thick insulated walling, ceiling panels, and covered with a dual skin inflatable roof to create a comfortable environment throughout the winter. It is also suitable to act as a long term solution with its levels of insulation.

Fully operational building

The school will benefit from CCTV in operation at all times to protect its equipment and provide a safe learning space.

Each classroom offers main access through glazed double doors as well as fire exit escapes at the opposing end, further enhancing the learning environment.

The glazed entrances ensure facilities are well lit during the day, although each classroom has electrical lighting installed in case it gets dark.

Internally each classroom is fitted out fully with desks and chairs, smart televisions, data points, fire alarms, electrics. Heating and cooling devices are available for controlling temperature throughout the building.

We supplied the school fit-out in partnership with Star Live. Find more examples of our education facilities here.

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Immediate response to RAAC crisis

The client was impressed by how quickly our team delivered a turn-key solution for the education sector. Our temporary classroom facilities are currently on hire for up to six months but could increase if there isn’t a way to resolve their existing problem with RAAC.

If your school’s are affected by the current crisis, please get in touch with Mar-Key Group who are happy to assist.

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