Gym facility for tennis club

An indoor tennis centre were looking to expand their facilities with a standalone, semi-permanent gym, which would provide vital space for the club to offer additional classes to their members.

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Semi permanent gym
Semi-permanent sports facilities gym
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The client was previously running their workout classes in the car park during a refurbishment of their studio. However, with little weather protection and a shortage of power supply, staff were forced to move equipment back and forth each day, which was a workout in itself!

The client required something more permanent, where they could invite members to train all year round.

Our solution offered a flexible and secure space that could be used for years to come and removed if required!


We created an additional 300sqm of workout space, which was insulated, accessible, and secure.

The structure is fully-accessible from the inside and outside, except when locked for safe storage. We have installed steel doors with handle, push bar and lock, as well as Astroturf-covered access.

Insulated walls and a thermo-inflated roof enables complete temperature control internally. We have powered the studio with electricity, heating, air conditioning and lighting to create an enjoyable environment for gym-goers.

The client is able to enjoy the natural daylight through double glazed windows during the day, and low level lighting during the night.

Cassette floorboards have been laid on a level landscape to provide functionality for both heavy gym equipment and end-users.

The new structure provides a permanent appearance both internally and externally despite having been built quickly using modular frame. It has been placed parallel to the existing building in an unused parking bay to make the most of the space and remain easily accessible from the main building.

It’s fair to say that the semi-permanent gym we installed has been a big improvement to the club, and aims to be a long-term feature for classes all year round.

How could a semi-permanent gym or studio benefit your business?

  • Fitted air conditioning units to keep your clients cool
  • Prevent further disruption to your business with quickly installed semi-permanent facilities
  • Create an on-site space to continue your classes while refurbishing your current facilities
  • Low-risk for businesses who are looking to expand for an unknown period of time
  • Blends seamlessly with existing facilities
  • Available for hire or purchase and for long or short term use