R&A Championships Limited

Back at the home of golf in 2022, Mar-Key Group has provided some exceptional structures to the Open over the past decade, and this year is no different.

sporting events facility
Sports events structure
The Open structure
temporary structure at the open

St Andrews 2022: Temporary Media Centre Space

R&A required a media centre space to be located in the car park opposite the golf course. We quoted our client for a 9m x 24m PVC structure, both internally and externally designed to fulfil our clients requirements.

We also designed a 20m x 70m hospitality space to connect with the structure in the car park. The neat layout and presentation of our structures combined with the feeling of a permanent space inside aims to provide guests with a memorable experience.

We were able to easily secure the structures onto the concrete flat surface using weighted anchors.

Mar-Key Group offer a variety of temporary sporting event facilities, view here or get in touch.