Case Study
The Pavilion, Tower of London

Constructed during summer and winter seasons in the moat of The Tower of London, this bespoke structure was designed in house to sit sympathetically with its historic surroundings.

The unique design of The Pavilion and impressive backdrop provides the ideal location to host corporate events in the City.

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Pavilion hospitality structure
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Tower of London Pavilion marquee

Iconic venue

‘The Pavilion’ is a bespoke venue located at the iconic Tower of London, creating a space during the summer and winter to host up to a capacity of 1,200 guests.

Situated next to the North Moat, visitors are able to appreciate the Tower as well as the bespoke properties of the structure.

Its unique design consists of an off centre curved roof beam with a low aspect roof angle of 10 degrees, which allows passersby to look across the structure at the famous Tower of London.

The 21m x 80m structure has asymmetric fan ends adding a further 26m.

The back wall sits on a higher leg to equip projection screens for use at conferences and other types of events.

Continued support

The complexity of the design took several weeks to finalise before we could turn the idea into reality. It was a real team effort between our design and manufacturing departments to bring the concept to life.

We continue to support this client with numerous summer and winter event spaces in central London, offering premium temporary event venues. To find out more, call us today 01202 577 111

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