Case Study:
Location Support

Here at Mar-Key Group we offer a fast, flexible solution for all of your filming requirements.

With the ability to cover large spaces quickly and deploy across the country, our temporary film structures are an effective temporary solution for an industry that frequently demands more space.

Costume and make up space

We are the chosen supplier for audience holding, costume and makeup structures to support our client’s ongoing productions.

We designed, manufactured, and installed a structure to provide an additional 1,750m³ of on-site space located next to their studio facilities. The structure only needed staking into the ground for easy removal when complete.

The clear span structure measures 12.5m x 35m x 4m, configured with insulated walls and a thermo-inflated roof to offer a comfortable working environment for the crew.

Our client opted for an internal mezzanine floor to make the most of their space, double doors and dividers to separate space even further. Each level is laid with cassette block flooring for added stability and a comfortable yet practical and functional environment.

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Flexibility for your production company

This additional facility provided the production company with on-location support, allowing them to house multiple vital departments. All installed with minimal disruption and to our usual high standards.

We are able to respond to any ongoing and ever-changing requirements of a fast-paced, dynamic sector. Did you know that we build sound stages and film studios too? Click here to find out more!