Temporary cold storage buildings, what are the benefits?

On the lookout for a temporary cold storage warehouse that will have a positive effect on your business? Regardless of whether you want to reduce food waste or streamline the way your business works, temporary cold storage solutions or a temporary warehouse could be the key to pumping up your profits!

Below, we explore the different types of temporary cold storage as well as the advantages of cold storage and the various businesses that might be searching for their own temporary cold storage solution. To provide you with some inspiration or to help you create a temporary cold storage that will work for your business, we’ve even found some temporary cold storage examples.

What is cold temperature storage?

Put simply, cold temperature storage involves storing products or equipment in a storage area with a consistent and powerful controlled temperature below 10°C. Often, these cooling facilities are used to store food products or other temperature-sensitive items (such as pharmaceutical products, vaccines and even organs) that would spoil if stored at an ambient temperature.

What are the two types of cold storage?

While there are many different types of cold storage solutions (including controlled atmosphere cold stores, walk-in cold stores, refrigerated containers and blast freezers), cold storage warehousing tends to fall into one of two categories – it’s either refrigerated or frozen. Refrigerated cold storage refers to storage with a controlled temperature between 0 to 10°C, while frozen is at the lower temperature of between -30 to 0°C.

What is the purpose of cold storage?

There’s no singular use for cold storage buildings and facilities. Instead, these fantastic storage solutions can be used to accomplish many different aims, depending on the exact type of cold storage facility you hire, lease or purchase. Below, we look at the three main reasons a business might consider adding cold storage (be it temporary or permanent) to their premises.

Wide range of uses

While cold storage is most commonly employed by companies that deal in perishable comestibles to prolong or preserve the items without sacrificing their nutritional value, there’s no shortage of uses for these convenient facilities. They can be used to extend the lifespan of a huge range of products with a very limited shelf life, including organs (most of which are placed in static cold storage once they’ve been harvested). From chemicals and spices to processed meats and pharmaceutical products, cold storage solutions are incredibly versatile.

Increases accessibility and space

It’s no secret that a walk-in chiller or freezer provides much more storage space and easier accessibility than your typical fridge freezer. By opting for a more substantial cold storage warehouse, you’ll have much more flexibility to substantially increase your stock as well as the number of employees working in this space. Ultimately, this helps to optimise your operations and supports your business as it grows.

Save money

While it’s important to consider the costs involved in designing, installing and maintaining a cold storage building, it’s just as important to take into consideration how much money it could save your business. According to Food Alert, an independent safety and compliance consultancy, the UK hospitality industry spends an incredible £2.4 billion a year on food waste!

As cold storage solutions are typically used to support the bulk handling of perishable goods, businesses in this industry without cold storage facilities are more likely to face this costly food spoilage and waste. This is because effective cold storage helps to lower the rate of chemical changes and decrease the growth of microorganism enzymes in comestible products, significantly reducing the rate of spoiling food.

Who needs a temporary cold storage warehouse?

Due to the many different uses of cold storage facilities, there’s a wide range of businesses across various industries that stand to benefit from temporary cold storage, including the medical and pharmaceutical industries. However, temporary cold storage solutions are particularly useful for the hospitality industry as they are often crucial for hosting events that take place away from permanent buildings.

Examples of temporary cold storage solutions

Some examples of temporary cold storage solutions include walk-in cold rooms, blast freezers and refrigerated containers, to name just a few. At Mar-Key Group, we have the knowledge, experience and talent to create an extensive range of temporary storage buildings for our customers, including bespoke temporary structures with insulated panelling and temporary cold storage solutions featuring a thermo-inflated roof.

Ideal if your current cold storage facility cannot cope with demand for your product or your food service company needs to cater to a larger party than normal, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re experts when it comes to creating a temperature-controlled environment for your goods, so you can be confident that your business is in safe hands.

Temporary cold storage solutions at Mar-Key Group

Keen to keep your storage space chilled to the perfect temperature? Why not reach out to the experienced team at Mar-Key Group to discover how we can deliver the best temporary cold storage solution for your business? Here at Mar-Key Group, we have years of invaluable experience and knowledge in the manufacturing industry, having delivered temporary buildings, warehouses and more innovative solutions to a wide range of companies across the UK.

In order to assess your temporary storage requirements, we even offer free site visits to all our clients. During these visits, we’re able to discuss your needs and the proposed location of the temporary cold storage building in more detail. At the same time, you’ll have ample opportunity to find out more about the talented people (including our in-house design team and expert technicians) that drive our business forward.

To find out more about the way we work and how we can create a temporary structure and turn it into  the ideal temporary cold storage warehouse to suit your business requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today! You can either speak to a member of our team by giving us a call on 01202577111 or send us your enquiry in an email by addressing it to at info@mar-key.com. Alternatively, you can also use our convenient online contact page to submit your enquiry – we hope to hear from you soon!