What surfaces can temporary warehouses be built on?

Concerned about the type or quality of your temporary building foundations? Luckily, we’re here to help. Simply carry on reading to discover the various surfaces temporary warehouses can be built on from the experienced team of semi-permanent structure providers at Mar-Key Group. Thanks to years of invaluable experience in this industry and countless satisfied clients, we’ve delivered a wide range of safe, secure, and stable temporary structure solutions.


How are temporary buildings installed?

Due to the wide range of temporary structures (marquees, warehouses, offices), we’re going to focus on the installation of temporary buildings. Often, these buildings are constructed from either single PVC or steel with a choice of insulated panelling (depending on the building requirements) and as a result, they must be securely fixed to the ground.

In most cases, these temporary buildings are fixed to the ground using base plates, expansion bolts, and the right anchorage to prevent them from lifting up. Once these base plates have secured the frame, the temporary warehouse can be built on top of this frame, with doors, windows, and other necessary features being added at this stage.


Which foundations are suitable for temporary buildings?

Most hard surfaces (such as tarmac, hard core, concrete, and block paving) make suitable temporary building foundations. However, the temporary structure supplier will often conduct groundwork tests to ensure that the sub-layers beneath the surface are the right quality, thickness, and type to support the building.

If a temporary building is required to built on top of particularly unlevel or poor-quality ground, a concrete slab can be used to create a more reliable foundation. However, an even ground is not always necessary, and it often comes down to the temporary structure supplier to decide whether the ground requires any additional work prior to the building installation.


Explore temporary warehouses at Mar-Key Group

Here at Mar-Key Group, our experienced team have the ability to conduct free site visits and groundwork tests to determine the quality and suitability of the site. Once the site has been properly inspected, we’ll provide professional advice and guidance regarding the best place and method to install your desired temporary structure.

To ensure you find the right structure for your business needs, we can create all types of temporary structure from temporary warehouse buildings and semi-permanent sports facilities to temporary office space and marquee storage solutions. Best of all, we also offer a selection of payment options, including short-term hire, long-term lease, and outright purchase, to help us deliver temporary buildings that work with your budget.

Regardless of whether you’d like to find out more about how we install our temporary structures or the various surfaces we’ve built these semi-permanent spaces on, we can help. We pride ourselves on providing unmatched customer support, so please feel free to reach out to our approachable and highly-knowledgeable team today!

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