Is temporary office space right for your business?

In need of some temporary office space? Is your blooming business growing faster than you can handle? For a flexible solution that grows with you, why not consider opting for a temporary office space? Below, we take a look at the different types of temporary office buildings as well as their benefits to help you decide whether a semi-permanent office space is the best route forward for your business.


What is a temporary office space?

A temporary office space can refer to either one of two different types of semi-permanent solutions for your business. The first kind of temporary office space refers to leasing an office building for a period shorter than the typical lease period (12 months). These short-term leases are often more expensive as they are riskier than long-term lets and create a lack of stability throughout the business.

However, here at Mar-Key Group, we’re only interested in the second type of temporary office space – a ready-to-use structure that comes fully fitted with all the infrastructure required for your business. Typically, these handy structures can be transported and installed almost anywhere and are designed to accommodate and embrace your business growth rather than create uncertainty.


Benefits of choosing temporary office space?

Keen to discover some of the many benefits of temporary office structures? As experts in the temporary building industry, we’ve seen first-hand how a temporary office space can transform and streamline operations, but if you want to find out more about the three main advantages that come with temporary office spaces, simply carry on reading!

Faster to erect

Not all temporary buildings will require planning permission, and they are often much quicker to design and erect. Not only can planning approval for permanent buildings take weeks or even months to come through, but they can also take much longer to build when compared to the temporary alternative. We can build a structure within a matter of days and have it fitted and ready for use within a few weeks.

When you choose Mar-Key Group to deliver your temporary office space, we’ll work closely with planning consultants and can even refer you to our preferred planning consultants if you would like to find out more about your project or seek reassurance that your build will meet all the required regulations.


A more affordable alternative to leasing or purchasing a permanent office space, temporary structures cost just a fraction of the price. By saving money with a temporary office space, you can focus on diverting cash to other areas of the business. Whether that’s your employees or product development, every saving can help to propel your business forward.

At Mar-Key Group, we provide three purchase options to help you obtain a high-quality and reliable temporary space without breaking the bank. With a choice of hiring, leasing or outright purchasing many of our temporary structures, you needn’t worry about shelling out for an office space that’s only required for a matter of months.


The flexible nature of temporary buildings means they can often be easily transported and erected in practically any location. If you choose to outright purchase one of these temporary office spaces, it’s likely that you’ll be able to take it with you if you decide to change the location of your headquarters or set up a new office at another location.


Can temporary office space become long-term office space?

While temporary office space is commonly associated with emergency situations and often used for a matter of weeks or months, it can be used for years. Many businesses are now realising that opting for a long-term temporary office space can be far more beneficial than committing to a traditional yet costly lease or going through the time-consuming and complicated process of purchasing a permanent building.

Here at Mar-Key Group, for example, many of our temporary structures have remained in place for years. Regardless of whether you require a temporary classroom or two while your main education premises undergoes years of refurbishment or you’re on the lookout for a temporary extension for your retail space, you can rest assured that these semi-permanent structures will remain reliable for years to come, if desired.


What is the best temporary structure for adding office space?

Thanks to our decades of invaluable experience delivering temporary structure solutions to all kinds of businesses for a wide range of requirements, we always recommend opting for a temporary insulated panel building if you want to increase your office space. These insulated structures are ideal for creating a temperature-controlled environment, keeping your employees safe and happy while they work.

Additional benefits of opting for an insulated panel building include optimal security, the prevention of both heat loss and condensation, and the reassurance that all the insulated panel buildings created by Mar-Key Group meet those all-important UK Building and Fire regulations. Safe, warm, and secure, our temporary insulated panel buildings can be manufactured in a variety of thicknesses, colours, and finishes to suit your requirements.


Temporary office spaces at Mar-Key Group

Here at Mar-Key Group, we’ve been creating exceptional temporary storage, warehouse, and office spaces for decades. Since the company was founded in 1991, we’ve delivered a wide range of temporary space solutions including bespoke semi-permanent structures for countless companies. Regardless of whether you require an additional office area or an expansive warehouse storage room, we’re on hand to help.

Unsure which of our temporary structures are right for your specific space requirements, location, and budget? Luckily, we have an experienced and highly knowledgeable team to help us conduct free site visits for all clients. This allows us to provide tailored advice, so you can make a well-informed decision and select a temporary structure that meets all your office space needs.

If you require extra support with the design of your temporary structures, we can also refer to you to our preferred planning consultants. Our recommended planning consultants can help you to create and submit a planning application and ensure every stage of the design and build process is as straightforward as possible.

To find out more about our purchase options and the many benefits of opting for a temporary office space over a standard extension or lease, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. You can either give us a call on 01202577111, send us your enquiry in an email using the address, or head over to our online contact page.