How much does a temporary warehouse cost?


Does a temporary warehouse cost too much? Are you keen to increase storage space or streamline business operations with a practical and affordable approach? Before you commit to building a temporary warehouse, it’s important to ensure that it works with both your business budget and suits your stock requirements.

Luckily, the expert team of technicians and in-house designers at Mar-Key Group have years of valuable experience delivering temporary warehouse and temporary structure solutions to a wide range of industries and events. Available in all kinds of materials and sizes, we find out how much your business can expect to spend on a temporary warehouse.

How much does a temporary warehouse cost?

Unfortunately, while a temporary warehouse is lot more affordable than the permanent alternative, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to pricing up one of these structures. The temporary warehouse cost will naturally vary between a few hundred pounds up to thousands depending on the features, size and material (often PVC or steel) of the temporary structure that’s right for your business or event.

For example, if your temporary warehouse requires a temperature-controlled environment, you’ll need to consider adding insulated panels and even a thermo-inflated roof. While these added features will cost more than a single skin alternative, they provide much-needed insulation to control the climate and can even help to fend off condensation – ideal for stock that must be stored at a certain temperature.

How do payment plans affect the price?

Not only will the size, features and material of the temporary warehouse affect the cost, but so will your choice of payment plan. Many temporary structure providers, including Mar-Key Group, will give you a choice of payment options, allowing you to hire, lease or outright purchase the structure. To help you make the right decision according to your business budget, we explore these options in more detail below.

Searching for the most affordable temporary warehouse for your short-term or one-off event? Then you may want to consider hiring the structure. If you require a temporary warehouse for months or years, however, then we recommend leasing the structure as this payment plan is typically more cost-effective for long-term usage. For businesses with a bigger budget that want to continue using their temporary warehouse for years, we suggest purchasing the structure outright.

Temporary warehouses at Mar-Key Group.

Regardless of whether you’d like to increase your warehouse and storage space for a matter of days, months or years, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today! Providing everything from planning and design support to flexible payment plans and even maintenance packages, we have years of experience delivering temporary warehouses for various industries and events.

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