How do demountable buildings benefit businesses

Demountable buildings are a popular solution for businesses who are quickly outgrowing their current warehouse. Unlike traditional brick and mortar buildings, temporary buildings are relocatable and can be quickly moved if required.

However, there is no ‘one solution fits all’. In fact, temporary buildings are incredibly diverse, and it is important to understand their differences. Businesses are often familiar with a ‘cabin-style’ container, delivered as a standalone unit and require a crane to install and remove which are also referred to as demountable. Our offering differs in as much as it arrives to site in modular parts, and is constructed quickly on your premises. Let’s explore that further….


Fast and flexible construction

Demountable buildings are constructed on a modular basis using aluminium and steel, bolted together and fixed or weighted to the ground. Their modular construction ensures quick and easy on-site assembly, with the added benefit of being demountable.

These solutions offer fantastic flexibility to businesses as if you need to extend the facility at any time in the future, or no longer need it they can quickly be extended, moved or removed.

We complete your project with any desired finish, including insulated cladding, roller shutter doors, high bay lighting, and even a mezzanine floor. Once inside, your demountable building will look and feel very similar to your permanent warehouse.

Why choose a demountable building?

Demountable buildings offer an array of benefits, including:

  • Quick transportation and fast assembly
  • Built on any surface
  • Extendable to grow with your business
  • Add roller shutter doors
  • Links to existing buildings
  • Various roof and wall specifications to ensure you have the perfect solution
  • Suitable for longer term use
  • Sustainable for businesses and the environment


Now you know what demountable buildings are, the question is, “where can they be used?”

They’re found across various sectors for a variety of purposes, from temporary storage buildings to temporary supermarkets. If your organisation is looking to expand, we’d love to tell you about how our solutions could benefit you:

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