Are roller shutter doors ideal for temporary warehouses?

Struggling to maximise access to your temporary storage space? Or maybe you want to create a faster, simpler and easier way of accessing your industrial warehouse. Whatever your temporary warehouse roller door enquiry or desires might be, we can help you to pick the right access solution for your semi-permanent structure. As well as finding out more about the construction and operation of roller shutter doors, we also explore the various advantages of adding warehouse roller shutter doors to your existing temporary structure, something that we can offer you as a customer.

What is a warehouse roller shutter door?

A roller shutter door (also referred to as a security shutter, coiling door and roller door) is a type of door that’s constructed from steel or aluminium horizontal slats that are hinged together. The door opens and closes with help from a spring or electric-powered barrel that the slats roll around. To keep the door in place as it rolls upwards or comes down, guides are traditionally installed either side.

Often, roller shutter doors are used for either industrial or commercial premises, but they can be used for domestic purposes (including workshops and garages), too. While roller shutter doors can be operated manually, a warehouse roller door is most commonly powered by an electric motor as there’s little difference between the price of electric and manual roller shutter doors for warehouses.

Can you install a roller shutter door on a temporary structure?

Yes, roller shutter doors can be installed on a temporary structure as well as the permanent alternative. At Mar-Key Group, for example, we specialise in creating temporary warehouse space and storage solutions that provide maximum access for your business. To do this, we have a wide range of doors and access solutions at our disposal – including roller shutter doors, MOE doors, single and double access doors, and even both manual and electric sliding doors.

While all these options offer easier and quicker access to your temporary structure, what makes roller shutter doors such a good option for semi-permanent warehouses? To answer this question and help you decide which access solution is the best choice for your business, we explore the various benefits of installing warehouse roller shutter doors on a temporary structure below.

What are the benefits of installing roller shutters on a temporary structure?

Added security

While the installation of roller shutter doors does allow for easy access once opened, it also acts as a deterrent to thieves and criminal hoping to force entry to your temporary premises. Often made from mild steel or aluminium, these shutters are strong, durable and ideal for providing an extra layer of protection for your goods, machinery and equipment.

Extra safety

Many modern roller shutters come complete with built-in anti-fall back safety brakes to help prevent accidents and injuries. To provide pedestrians and other users with even more protection, they can also be fitted with handy safety features such as safety edges, warning sirens and coil casings, to name just a few. Not to mention, unlike wooden doors, these steel shutters can help to prevent fires from spreading both internally and externally, limiting damage and loss of life in the unlikely event of a fire.

Weather protection

Heat, wind and rain can all lead to significant damage of your stock, machinery and equipment if they aren’t stored properly. A high-quality roller shutter door that’s been professionally installed provides far better protection for these goods than standard access solutions and helps to maintain a constant temperature inside the temporary structure.

Easy to use

Regardless of whether you opt for manual or electric roller shutter doors for your temporary warehouse, you can be confident that they’ll be easy to use. With regular maintenance, both the chain and power-operated solutions are quick, easy and straightforward to use. Plus, the motorised roller shutter doors can often be controlled from afar using a convenient remote control.


While roller shutter doors may be a more expensive option than some other entrance and access solutions, they offer fantastic value for money when properly maintained. Designed to last for decades, they’re a great investment and can provide quick and easy access for pedestrians and vehicles alike. Compared to traditional access solutions, the protection and ease of use that roller shutter doors offer make them an attractive option even for businesses on a budget.

Why choose roller shutter doors from Mar-Key Group?

At Mar-Key Group, our standard access suggestion for industrial warehouses is the 3-phase electric roller shutter doors – the ideal roller shutter doors for builders’ warehouses that are particularly large in either width or height. These powerful warehouse shutter doors have a long-lasting motor that allows them to operate with ease more than 15-20 times a day, making them a fantastic option for temporary warehouse structures with a high daily usage.

Warehouse Roller Shutter Doors and access at Mar-Key Group

Searching for a safe and easy access solution for your temporary warehouse? Look no further than the wide range of warehouse roller shutter doors, MOE (Means of Escape) doors and single/double pedestrian doors at Mar-Key Group. Allowing safe, secure and easy access for your team, these doors help to increase workplace efficiency and streamline your everyday operations.

With decades of invaluable experience in this industry, we’ve been delivering temporary structures for all kinds of industries including the retail, education and sports industry since 1991. Not to mention, our expert team of in-house designers and technicians are always on hand to create bespoke semi-permanent solutions that work for your business.

To discover how we can increase, simplify or improve access to your temporary business premises or roller door warehouse, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. We even offer free site visits, ensuring we provide only the most accurate advice and guidance for your semi-permanent structure and the surface that it’s built upon.

To speak to a knowledgeable member of our team regarding your access requirements or temporary structure plans, please feel free to give us a call on 01202577111. Alternatively, you can also contact us via email using the address or by filling in our online contact page with your enquiry and basic contact details.