What is short-term warehouse rental and why is it important?

Running out of safe and secure storage space then why not consider efficient and cost-effective short-term warehouse rental solutions? Simply continue reading to find out why short-term warehousing is used by commercial businesses and what this service includes from the temporary warehouse and structure experts here at Mar-Key Group.


What is short-term warehousing?

Often, short-term warehousing refers to storing products in a warehouse for a period of 90 days or less. However, short-term warehousing can refer to using a warehouse for any short-term purpose. This might include creating a temporary storage space while the permanent storage building is under renovation or creating a designated short-term storage area for unsaleable items.


Why is short-term warehouse rental important?

Ideal for both retailers and manufacturers of all shapes and sizes, short-term warehousing allows these businesses to store their goods and equipment for up to three months. Typically, these businesses enlist short-term warehousing services based on seasonal demand for certain products, but they can also be employed to increase turnaround times and support stock rotation.

With no long-term contracts to worry about, short-term warehousing is an affordable option that can be easily adjusted to meet the user’s requirements. Depending on their budget and storage needs, businesses may choose to build their own temporary warehouse space or simply hire an existing warehouse for a short period.

This arrangement provides manufactures and retailers with more freedom to store products as and when required, ensuring they can meet their ever-evolving customer demand with ease.


Explore temporary warehouses at Mar-Key Group

At Mar-Key Group, we cater to a wide range of industries and commercial clients, so you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect short-term temporary warehouse or long-term venue here. From semi-permanent storage spaces to temporary retail structures and sports facilities, we manufacture and deliver a huge selection of temporary structure solutions.

Not to mention, we even offer a choice of payment options to make securing your new short-term warehousing solution even easier. Instead of asking you to commit to a long-term lease or outright purchase the semi-permanent structure, you can simply hire the temporary warehouse to use for a short period to suit your requirements.

To provide even more support, we also offer free site visits and groundwork tests to ensure your proposed project is built in the right place upon stable ground. On top of this, we can also put you in touch with our preferred planning consultants if you’d like professional advice regarding temporary planning permission or building rules and regulations.

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