RAAC Affected Schools Covered by Class CB

New guidance on temporary school buildings has been delivered by Department for Education (DfE) relating to the RAAC crisis.

According to an amendment to Schedule 2 of the General Permitted Development Order (GDPO), Class CB permits RAAC-affected schools to install temporary buildings without having to submit a planning application to the local planning authority.

Schools however must notify the local planning authority and the relevant fire and rescue authority within 8 weeks prior to temporary buildings being constructed on site.

This does not affect other consents that may be required, such as building regulations, which continue to apply.

The time limited right expires 24th October 2026 and is subject to further limitations and conditions –

  • Temporary buildings cannot be installed within 5 metres of a boundary with residential land
  • Temporary buildings cannot exceed 2 storeys or 9 metres in height
  • Temporary buildings cannot have a combined floor space which exceeds 125% of the combined floor space of the parts of buildings vacated due to the presence of RAAC
  • Temporary buildings must not result in an increase to the school’s published admission number, as detailed in the school admissions code.
  • Temporary buildings must be placed to minimise, as far as practicable, any reduction in the amount of land used as playing fields and space available for parking or turning
  • Temporary buildings must be removed once RAAC-affected buildings on the school site have been remediated or replaced, or before the right expires on 24 October 2026, whichever comes first

We’ve already supplied several temporary school buildings during the RAAC crisis, so if you need support at this stressful time, get in touch here.

There are other permitted development rights that may be useful for schools requiring urgent temporary accommodation, such as:

demountable school