What can temporary insulated buildings be used for?

Durable, smart, and incredibly functional, temporary insulated buildings have a long list of benefits for a range of different industries, but does this type of semi-permanent structure meet your specific business requirements? To help you determine whether a temporary building with insulated panels is the right choice for your business, we explore how these semi-permanent structures are commonly used.


What are temporary insulated buildings?

Temporary insulated buildings are simply a semi-permanent version of permanent insulated buildings (structures that come complete with insulation). Depending on the function of the temporary insulated building, they can remain in place for days, weeks, months, or years.

At Mar-Key Group, the panels we use in our insulated structures come in a variety of thicknesses, colours, and finishes, to suit your specific requirements. For walling, we offer a standard panel thickness of 40mm, while our standard for roofing is 60mm. These measurements, however, can be adjusted if necessary.

With a range of finish options to explore including trapezoidal, patterned profile, and micro-rib (flat), we can create a variety of insulated temporary buildings. Plus, when it comes to colourways, you can choose between a selection of attractive shades such as Pigeon Grey, Ivory, and Forest Green, as well as the classic White option.

Despite these shades being our standard colourways, we can create bespoke buildings in practically any colour to ensure it complements your site and brand. Simply get in touch with our experienced team to discuss your temporary insulated building requirements and we can work with you to design a functional and aesthetically-pleasing addition to your site!


What can temporary insulated buildings be used for?

Unlike marquees and single skin structures, insulated buildings create an environment where the temperature can be controlled with ease. As a result, temporary buildings with insulated panels are often required to be used as offices, changing rooms, classrooms and workshops – any environment where people are expected to frequent for long periods of time or where stock temperature is key.


Key to creating a healthy and happy workforce, every office should have sufficient insulation that protects employees from the elements and ever-changing temperatures. Any semi-permanent office structures must conform to the latest health and safety standards in the UK.

Stock storage

Insulated buildings are essential for any stock that must be stored in a temperature-controlled environment. This will prevent the stock from damage/spoiling and ensure it’s kept in great condition, helping to reduce damaged goods and increase revenue.


Traditional single skin steel cladding has limited security and insulation. Exploring the insulated alternative will not only create a much nicer working environment for staff, but will help to reduce your heating and cooling costs through the seasons.


To ensure your customers are comfy and your goods are secure and remain in prime condition, it’s best to choose an insulated building where the temperature can be easily controlled. Regardless of whether you own a retail business or grocery store, temporary insulated buildings are a great option.

Changing room

Insulated buildings are ideal for maintaining a comfortable changing temperature for sports teams. They are often used as a temporary solution for sporting facilities and leisure centres under renovation or to increase capacity on site.

Venue space

Keeping your customers entertained means creating the perfect environement for them. For venues that will be in situ for a prolonged period of time, temporary insulated buildings are perfect.


Why choose a temporary insulated building?

Often, temporary insulated buildings have the same functionality and features of the permanent alternative. However, they benefit from a much faster installation time (often taking only a matter of days to erect rather than the week or months that a permanent building requires) and are typically more affordable, too.

As a result, temporary insulated buildings are a brilliant option for fast-growing companies or schools, health facilities and other organisations that need convenient and affordable emergency space in an instant. Here at Mar-Key Group, we’ve delivered many a building with insulated panels, so please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team if you’d like to find out more about these structures.

Designed to last for years, our fully-insulated semi-permanent structures offer a higher level of security for your goods/equipment and can help to prevent heat loss and fend off condensation. Not to mention, we ensure every temporary building we deliver conforms to the latest UK building and fire regulations, to keep your workforce as safe as possible.


Explore insulated temporary buildings at Mar-Key Group

If one of the many functions of temporary insulated buildings appeals to your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. We have years of invaluable experience creating these semi-permanent insulated structures for a wide range of industries. From insulated offices and education spaces to temperature-controlled storage spaces, we can help.

Offering expert support from start to finish, we carry out free site visits and essential groundwork tests to ensure your semi-permanent structure is well-situated. Plus, we also cater to all kinds of budgets using a selection of payment plans that give you the option of hiring, leasing, or outright purchasing your desired temporary insulated building. We can also give advice on planning permission for temporary buildings.

Keen to find out more about the quality of our work and the various semi-permanent structures we can deliver? Luckily, we’ve created a dedicated case study hub that’s filled with examples of our work. Within this case study selection, you’ll find everything from temporary warehouse buildings to loading bays and canopies, retail structures, and sporting facilities.

To discuss your specific temporary insulated building requirements with the team at Mar-Key Group, please give us a call on 01202 577 111. Alternatively, you can also reach us via email (info@mar-key.com) or by filling out our convenient online contact form. Regardless of how you choose to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you and delivering your ideal temporary insulated structure!