How the Horizon is turning heads in the film industry

A shortage of UK studio space and higher leasing costs has had a heavy impact on the industry. However a new product called The Horizon has began to turn several heads.

The Horizon consists of a lightweight yet thick aluminium frame and clear span design, which offers unparalleled, flexible floor space to achieve specific studio requirements from film to sound stage studio space.

The modular structure is delivered to site as individual components for speedy assembly. This is relocatable, reusable, and recyclable, therefore a future-proof solution for production companies.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, our structure does not have borders. Launched in 2022, we have already exported this structure across Europe with great success, delivered promptly by our professional team.

Multipurpose venue

The Horizon is built on a leg height up to 14 metres or approximately 50 feet, and is able to support high underslung static loads from the roof due to its intrinsic structural strength.

In our tests, we hung 8 tonnes from the arch of our 20m wide Horizon frame with just a 37mm deflection.

Its large internal studio space is ideal for housing large sets, lighting, rigging heavy props and even installing a mezzanine floor, providing an exceptional sound stage or film studio environment.

Meanwhile, a wide span up to 60 metres accounts for greater manoeuvrability of cast, crew and equipment.

Its innovative, unconventional design includes a low pitch roof of three degrees to reduce environmental visual impact.

Multiple external finishes are available to create the perfect environment for your production, including insulated panels in various RAL colours, branding exposure, glazing and roller shutter doors. Full internal fit-out is also available as part of our turn-key services.

We provide many production solutions from sound stages and film studio space to workshop and storage space, which can comply fully with Building Regulations.

The Horizon Sound Stage Studio Space

This is a game-changer for production companies. Rather than short-term leasing, The Horizon grants the option to purchase a semi-permanent product with potential to serve for more than thirty years and evolve with your productions.

Compared to a traditional building, our solutions prove to be more cost-effective and low-risk for your business.

We’re proud to be an innovator in British engineering providing solutions to the UK production market. If you are putting on regular productions or performances and require proper facilities, then our semi-permanent structures can rise to the task. Get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team, who will guide you throughout the process from planning to installation.