Promising start to the year for Mar-Key Group

With the pandemic looking to have turned a corner and the effects of Brexit working its way into everyday life in the UK, Mar-Key Group are pleased to announce a promising outlook for the months ahead. Enquiries are flowing once more and as the landscape of UK Business starts to settle into its new surroundings, it seems as though we are all heading in the right direction.

Several temporary structures have been signed off in recent weeks, across several sectors, meaning what could have been a year of crisis has instead turned to opportunity for Mar-Key Group and their team of manufacturers and erectors, all based on the south coast of the UK.

David Tabb (Chairman of Mar-Key Group) said “We have taken a positive approach over the last year and are now looking forward to a bright future. With more and more people looking to aluminium structures over traditional building methods, especially for warehousing and storage solutions, we have seen a huge increase in enquiries. Our building methods are a lot faster than conventional buildings and are competitively priced. Our structures meet full building regulations for wind and snow and can be adapted to meet part L, which unlike the rest of our industry, means we can eliminate cold bridging. Many customers are now wondering why they haven’t taken this approach seriously before.”

There is no doubt buying habits have changed over the last year, with many more people looking to shop online, which means the businesses of the UK are adapting. Much of this change has led to the need for additional space, which Mar-Key Group can offer in a range of sizes and shapes.

A few of the recent projects completed include fully insulated warehouses, loading canopies and helping to utilize un-used space with several smaller structures.

If you are looking for something similar make sure to reach out and speak to a member of the team.

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