Making a change

In 2020, MC made a huge decision to leave Africa and set up life in the UK with his wife. He’s not afraid of changes in his life, but looking out the plane window when he landed he saw the great British weather and prayed that sun would come. Having only ever been used to heat, he experienced a huge culture shock.

Finding a job in the middle of a global pandemic was far from easy either. It took time and perseverance but, as you’ll quickly learn, once MC has his mind set on something, he achieves it. Having heard of Mar-Key Group through our Construction Manager Andy Friedman, he took a job at Madame Tussauds until the business was ready to start hiring again post-COVID.

When asked what made him want to join the team, MC explained ‘I just felt like I would fit. The environment was one I wanted to be a part of. I didn’t want to be behind a desk, I wanted to be outside, travelling around the UK with a team.’


‘Theres nothing you can’t do if you set your mind to it’

In March 2022, MC joined our Site Team as a Labourer, but he had quite a challenge ahead of him. ‘Two years ago, I could hardly speak any English.’ He recalls asking during his induction whether this would restrict him but of course quickly understood that, if he worked hard, he could be anything he wanted to be at Mar-Key.

His first day on site was at Cheltenham Literature Festival and it was a learning curve for sure! ‘I remember them saying ‘Right, we’re going to take the marquee down now’ and I was looking around for it and couldn’t see it… then I realised we were standing right inside it! I had no idea we’d be working with structures that big! I made sure I asked LOTS of questions. Andy was so supportive, reassuring me that there are no silly questions. I listened, and watched and took as much in as I could to learn quickly.’

The speed at which MC settled into the team is a real reflection of the incredible quality of our site staff. Travelling around as a tight knit team gave MC the chance to continue to learn and improve his English, and as he did they got to know each other well and before long were all socialising outside of work too.

With a clear dedication to his role its unsurprising that, after less than 2 years at the Company, MC has progressed from a Site Labourer to a Level 2 Chargehand. He’s now responsible for giving direction to the team, monitoring and reporting site errors, keeping our clients updated on progress, upholding our strict Health & Safety standards and being second in command to the Site Foreman.

Site staff

‘I always give my job everything it deserves.’

When asked about why he thinks he managed to progress so quickly, MC knows it was entirely in his hands. ‘I’m never late, I always bring a good mood to site, I never slack, I’m dedicated and I always give my job everything it deserves. I give it 100%.’ He has the same approach to safety standards ‘I tell the team it’s our safety, your safety, the client’s safety and the company’s safety. We will not cut corners’.

His energy is infectious and it doesn’t go unnoticed by those around him. One of his colleagues described him as ‘Having the right head on his shoulders and a heart of gold’. MC’s passion for his work and team is clear, but equally amazing is what MC feels like he’s gained from working at Mar-Key Group. ‘It’s my family. We are one family and we are all part of something. Everyone cares, from the office to the warehouse team to site. I feel so welcome here and confident in my ability.’

As MC’s story of progression demonstrates, you don’t have to start here with a knowledge of the industry or even our product. You just need the right attitude and work ethic, and if you have a personality as genuine and sound as his, then even better. Here at Mar-Key Group, we don’t just say that we offer progression, we really do. We’re extremely proud to employ some of the most talented and dedicated individuals in this business to uphold the quality and standards that our clients know and love us for.

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