Fully-insulated space for semi-permanent use

At Mar-Key Group, we are pleased to present the widest variety of options to meet your need for additional space. With our own in-house design and manufacturing facility here in Britain, our semi-permanent structures are guaranteed to be a positive addition to your business.

We work with some of the most knowledgeable and talented people in the industry, so when you enquire with us, we’ll make sure you understand your full range of options before placing an order.  

From size to colour, we can also ensure your temporary structure matches seamlessly with existing architecture. However, if this is not a requirement, there are other options available too. 

For the most affordable insulated structure, we would recommend combining insulated wall panels with our thermo-inflatable roof, which is a perfect medium-term investment. 

However, if you’re looking for a building that will stand the test of time and for maximum insulation, then there is no match for our fully-insulated structures, which applies insulated Kingspan panels to the roof and walls of the structure. 

Although fully insulated temporary structures are more costly upfront, as well as outright purchase we offer financing as method of payment to allow you to spread the cost.  

A lot of structure companies in the UK operate on a rental-only basis and therefore tend not to offer an option with insulated panels applied to the roof. A fully insulated building also requires a specific aluminium frame design, which is all part of the service when you work with a British manufacturer.  

Other suppliers often apply the insulated cladding between the legs of the building, which although cheaper, allows ‘cold bridging’ to occur. We apply our cladding seamlessly over the legs, creating a more aesthetically pleasing building too.  We are proud to offer your business such a durable, semi-permanent building configuration. 

Our insulated panels are available in various thicknesses up to 120mm to meet any operational needs. This higher specification achieves the best level of insulation for your semi-permanent building. The insulated panels are available in a trapezoidal finish as standard, or you could opt for micro-rib for a flatter appearance externally. 

To ensure your insulated building remains on-brand and fits seamlessly on site, there are a variety of RAL colours to pick from too. 

All our structures are Made in Britain and designed to British standards, so you can be sure that we deliver the highest quality building, each-and every-time. 

If you have a need for additional space but aren’t quite sure where to start, get in touch with our friendly team. We offer no-obligation site visits and can give you a range of quote options to suit any duration or budget. We’re ready to build more space for your business.