Beating the clock, around the world

Mar-Key Group were set the seemingly impossible task of designing, manufacturing and delivering a new 210 metre seating canopy in time for Adelaide500, Australia’s largest domestic ticketed motorsports event.

As the event was in late November, organisers needed to protect the fans from the extremes of Australian weather. Mar-Key Group creates custom-made structures for event organisers and commercial clients, and were called upon to deliver this custom-made canopy on a very tight deadline.

Paul Childs, Design Draughtsman for Mar-Key Group, recalls the initial approach: “When the job came in the door, the brief was to design, build and ship a grandstand canopy but there was a catch – we had to do it all in less than two months! It was a real challenge for the design team – there was no time for a redesign. It came down to the wire, with the last components still being put together as the last container was being loaded.”

Getting the canopy from the UK to Australia by sea would take eight weeks, and it had to be on site at least two weeks ahead of the event to allow time for assembly.

In order to beat the clock, we turned to GAC Pindar for a transport solution.

For Mar-Key Group, GAC Pindar looked at the shortest transit time and matched that with where they could source the containers needed to transport the canopy, with a contingency plan to ensure all its components met the deadline. In the end, that meant sending the shipment in five 40ft open top containers on two routes.

“GAC Pindar’s technical support, experience, and logistics, transportation and customs expertise were instrumental to the successful delivery of our seating canopy to Adelaide,” says Paul Shelley, Mar-Key Group COO.

Shelley adds: “Despite the extremely tight timelines of the project itself, we delivered to our client on time with the support of GAC Pindar.”