Can you extend temporary planning permission?

Is your temporary planning permission about to expire and you wish to learn about the renewal of temporary planning permission? Simply carry on reading to find out whether you can extend this planning permission from the temporary structure professionals here at Mar-Key Group.

With decades of invaluable experience delivering a wide range of semi-permanent structures, we’ve always worked closely with planning consultants and know just how important it is to abide by these all-important planning conditions and building regulations.


What is temporary planning permission?

Temporary planning permission simply refers to planning permission for temporary buildings. Typically, your LPA (Local Planning Authority) will either grant or reject your planning application within 8-13 weeks of it being submitted. If you’ve been granted temporary planning permission, you will have permission to build the structure to the specifications set out in your application.

When planning permission is granted, it often comes with a time limit for implementation which will be set out in the planning conditions. Typically, this time limit is three years from the date permission was granted by the LPA. While there are some exceptions to this general rule, they are rare and planning permission rarely requires an extension.

However, not all temporary structures legally require planning permission. Planning permission is often only required for buildings that are designed to remain in place for more than 28 days and/or are greater than 100m². It’s also required for buildings that come closer than 5m to the boundary of your site and structures with a floor area greater than 25% of the total available space on your site.

Despite not all temporary structures requiring planning permission, we still suggest seeking professional advice or contacting your LPA to discuss your requirements. At Mar-Key Group, we work alongside planning consultants to ensure all our temporary structures meet the latest rules and regulations.


Can temporary planning permission be extended?

If a longer period of implementation is required after the standard 3-year implementation period has elapsed or is coming to an end, the original planning permission applicant can ask for an extension. Regardless of whether the applicant requires an extension to their permanent or temporary planning permission, the process remains the same. So, yes, you can apply for a renewal of temporary planning permission.


Mar-Key Group temporary structures

Here at Mar-Key Group, we’ve helped countless clients with their temporary structure requirements. From creating insulated temporary warehouse buildings to sprawling semi-permanent spaces for events, our knowledgeable and experienced team are on hand to provide expert advice and temporary structure solutions.

Offering everything from free site visits and groundwork tests to unmatched customer support, we can even put you in touch with our preferred planning consultants! Our experience delivering temporary structures combined with expertise of a planning advisor will ensure your temporary structure meets all the required rules and regulations, allowing you to focus on developing your growing business.

If you’re eager to find out more about extended temporary planning permission, the various types of temporary structures available at Mar-Key Group, temporary structure building regulations or the additional support we provide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today!

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