Benefits of working with a British building manufacturer

Based in Dorset, Mar-Key Group has an outstanding record of delivering temporary structures to events and commercial clients worldwide. From Royal Ascot to Adelaide500 in Australia, our portfolio is as diverse as the product itself. Part of our ability to produce such a diverse product is our position as a manufacturer, but our presence as a British manufacturer makes us stand out from the crowd.

We are proud members of the Made of Britain campaign, a collective trademark system to help buyers at home and abroad identify British-made products.

So why do we champion British manufacturing?

When you think about buying British, firstly you acknowledge the support of your local economy as well as the environment. However, the strengths of British manufacturing compared to using imported products are far more impactful than you may have first thought.

There are inevitably plenty of reasons to buy British, whether you’re a British business or an international organisation with needs all around the globe.

Design Adaptability

As a British manufacturer, we don’t just offer what we have on the shelf. You’ll benefit from design flexibility and ‘outside-of-the-box’ thinking that simply doesn’t exist elsewhere. Our ability to problem solve is thanks to the extensive experience that our loyal and talented staff possess within the industry. There isn’t much that these guys haven’t seen or heard before, but we always keep our feet on the ground to ensure that each job is as good as the next! Whether it’s a tricky build site with confined space or an uneven build surface, we’ll work to modify your structure to meet your site-specific requirements, wherever you are in the world.

Our products can even evolve with your ever-changing needs. Here’s a few cases in point –

Easthampstead Park Hotel

Originally two possibly three structures to a house venue, separate male and female toilets, and an industrial kitchen, we offered an all-in-one solution that would cover everything under one roof. We designed a curved roof with an offset gable that would look and feel like a permanent venue. It is now a bespoke 35m x 40m insulated event venue complete with a front terrace and front glazing to make the most of the surrounding views.

venue spacetemporary venue

Unisystems Freight Ltd

Originally a temporary loading canopy for pallet storage, a year down the line the client needed a 24/7 warehouse.

For our team to complete a transformation from loading canopy to warehouse, the job required retrofitting of extra framework to accept the installation of cladding. From there, we were able to easily install panels, an electric roller door and both single and double fire doors to turn the structure from an open-sided loading space to a fully enclosed 27 x 22.5 x 6m warehouse.

loading bay canopy structuretemporary warehouse installation


Our client sought a solution that could create the capacity they needed whilst making use of every last square metre of valuable space.

Our solution involved installing an irregular structure next to their existing warehouse to account for an unusual boundary.

We designed an L-shaped structure respecting property lines and trees, exceeding client expectations!

The made-to-measure building consists of a 20m x 30m frame with a 5m x 10m cut-out. It is built on a 4m leg to provide highly versatile storage and workspace, suitable for installing racking and increasing their on-site capacity.

storage structurepallet storage

Speed of Delivery

When it comes to speed, we’re not afraid to say we’re the best. We’ve invested heavily in our staff and our facilities to tackle demand both locally and abroad, and improve our service and rates for our customers.

We make our kit to order as well as house plenty of new stock, which is replenished regularly to offer superior lead times to elsewhere on the market.

Being based in Britain ensures you receive transparency throughout the entire process, from our quotations to our timelines. This does not mean that we cannot compete with others on pricing; what it means is you pay for what you need.

While we never over-promise, we never under-deliver.

Supreme Quality

There’s another difference between working with us and another manufacturer elsewhere in the world – the love and care of our team that goes into your project.

With our staff and our machinery, we exceed your expectations in product and service.

We combine exceptional CAD design with the latest machinery to create building solutions for our client base both on the British Isles and overseas.

All of our structures are designed to British standards and can conform with your local building regulations too. This way we ensure you receive a British quality product, each and every time.

We’re not just another supplier, we act as an extension of your team. We are so proud of our product that we employ our own construction teams to deliver your building, who are just as dedicated as our engineers.

We always go the extra mile for our clients, and in some cases, over 10,000 airmiles!

Adelaide500, Australia

We were tasked by the Australian government to deliver a vital part of the event infrastructure for Adelaide500, a 210-metre sun shade for spectators. This needed to be designed, manufactured, and shipped over to Australia in time for the event, which left us two months…

Our client needed to be able to install and remove the canopy themselves when required, therefore we sent some of our most experienced site team to train them on the installation and removal of our product.

A project this tight on timelines demonstrates the true strength of our design and manufacturing teams.

It’s no small coincidence that we have been tasked to supply again this year to Adelaide500 with a new structure.

grandstand canopygrandstand canopy

Innovation and Growth

When you think about the journey that our business has been on from a small set of workshops to a state-of-the-art 138,000 sq. ft production facility, it is a truly remarkable thought. We are blessed to share such a fantastic growth story, which pays testimony to the expertise within the British manufacturing industry.

Our team love a creative challenge, so if you can’t see what you’re looking for, we can also deliver bespoke solutions tailored to your exact needs, helping your business to grow.

We’ve grown from delivering small garden marquees to international venues including temporary ice rinks in Ireland, a boatshed and hospitality pavilion in Bermuda, a grandstand canopy in Australia, and perhaps most impressively, ‘The Horizon’ in Spain.

ETNZ, Barcelona

The Horizon is made up of aluminium components like all of our other products, yet its sheer strength and scale are unlike other structures of its kind. Along the Port Vell Marina waterfront in Barcelona, we delivered a 40m x 50m boatshed, which has been clad and branded according to our client’s brief. The structure sits on a tall 12m leg to enable easy access to maintain the race boat. Impressively the structure took only three months to build and despite acting as a viable long-term facility, it can be easily removed and relocated.

Projects like these with such critical detail depend on trusted suppliers to deliver a second-to-none service with experience in handling complex briefs and tight deadlines. It has been through product innovation and business growth that we have been rewarded with such exciting contracts.

Boat Storage ShedThe Horizon

Passionate about Sustainability

We understand that is the responsibility of those across the supplier network to collaborate to create meaningful change. Across the business we:

  • Reuse more than 80% of our site timber into packing materials 
  • Recycle steel and insulated materials used to clad our buildings
  • Continue to increase our carbon offset for plant hire
  • Use electric plant hire where logistically possible

Our approved supplier network is required to demonstrate its sustainability initiatives, and these are reviewed regularly.

So, recap – why do we champion British manufacturing?

  • Design Flexibility – Our product is highly adaptable and delivered to your needs
  • Speed of Delivery – We’ll turn around your project quicker than ordinary suppliers
  • Supreme Quality – We’re leading local and international suppliers of British structures
  • Innovation and Growth – We continuously invest in our technology to improve our product and service

If you’re thinking about Buying British, look no further. We deliver a reliable end-to-end service that leaves lasting impressions for your business. Get in touch today.

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