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Structural Dimensions

Span Width: 5m
Eave Height 2.30m
Ridge Height 3.1m
Bay Spacing: 3.00m
Roof Pitch 20°
Wind Loading: 80.00km/hr


Material Spec & Dimensions

Aluminium Framework: Extruded in 6082T6
Upright Truss: 94/48/3mm (4 channel)
Eave Purlin: 60/40/3mm
Steel Connections: Hot tipped Galvanised to DIN 50976
Ridge Purlin: 40/40/3mm
Eave Joint: Galvanised Steel Inset Ridge joint
PVC Covering: White – High Gloss PVC, Flame Retardant according to DIN 4B1/M2, USA NFPA 701
Flooring: Ring Beam Flooring System with Cassette Flooring



Wall Variants

  • 5m gable

    Gable Elevation

  • 5m ww

    PVC Walling with Window

  • 5m pvc

    PVC Walling

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