The Horizon

The Horizon has been designed and produced specifically to offer an extremely large structure that is capable of rigging unusually high loads.

Made in Britain background

3d image structure
The Horizon Stage 2 External
visual of structure
The Horizon Warehouse Racking
3d design structure
The Horizon structure
The Horizon Sound Stage 1
planning permission for a temporary building such as this one

Features & Benefits

With a leg length ranging from 8m to 14m high and a span ranging from 20m right up to 60m, this structure can be deployed quickly and built within a matter of days. The unique design provides an intrinsic structural strength and an enormous underslung payload from the roof trusses.

The aluminum frame means it can be deployed much faster than more traditional steel span structures, which means it provides a very cost-effective solution, with a low carbon footprint and a reduced visual impact on the environment whilst maximising internal volume.

Providing a perfect solution for medium to long term projects, it is generally built in a third of the time and at half the price of its competitors and it can also be calculated to be fully compliant with wind and snow loading to UK building regulations.

Available Configurations:

Low pitch roof of 3 degrees

Widths of 20m, 30m, 40m & up to 60m

Leg height options of 8m, 10m, 12m & 14m

Potential Usage

Sound Stages

Exhibition Halls

Film Studios

Storage & Warehouses

Aircraft Hangars

Humanitarian Deployment

Distribution Centres

Sporting Venues

Rapid Military Deployment