Case Study
Air Show

We were tasked to transform an entire airfield into a venue that catered for visitors, volunteers, emergency workers and aircrew alike.

During a sweltering summer, our structures provided much needed shade and hospitality space.

Event month: July

Location: RAF Fairford

Area: 6,275 sqm

2022 Event

The event is held annually in the third week of July, and draws a crowd of around 150,000 spectators.

Notably this year’s air show, based at RAF Fairford, also marked the 75th Anniversary of the US Air Force.

In our first year at the air show we installed a wide range of structures, from catering tents to exhibition halls.

Mar-Key awarded multi-year contract

A multi year contract award where we will continue to deliver 15 structures for this fantastic event.


“We’re absolutely delighted to have been awarded a multi-year contract to supply temporary event structures to RIAT. As one of the biggest military shows in the world, it attracts visitors from far and wide so it’s an honour to be involved in an event this big and prestigious.”

Sarah Hodson, Head of Events for Mar-Key Group


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large event structure
Technozone – 30m x 80m

We created this bespoke venue designed for children to visit. Our exhibition halls are eye-catching and provide a perfect event space.

It features a curved PVC roof and is 80m long; complete with glass doors, access ramps, and cassette floorboards.

marquee structure media centre
Media Centre – 10m x 30m

This 10m x 30m structure provided a convenient and covered workspace for the media, fitted with an cassette floor boards and carpet overlay.

temporary structure medical centre
Medical Centre – 12.5m x 35m

The structure has been quickly erected and segregated within a car park to provide onsite medical facilities in a private space.

Airfield Crew Club Structure
Aircrew Club – 15m x 25m

The aircrew required a private venue for their hospitality where they could also keep eyes on the show. We created this captivating space, which featured glazed windows and glass doors.

Airfield diner marquee structure
Airfield Diner – 25m x 50m

We created an aircrew diner and lounge to cater for 1,500 air crew members. We delivered a large 50m long structure to enable aircrew to enjoy their lunch and the surroundings.

It features PVC window walls and PVC gable ends, and has been fitted with cassette floorboards internally.


Airshow entry point marquee
Customer Entry/Info Points – 10m x 35m

Our client required covered entry points which could be easily identified from the car park.

Our team designed four structures with coloured roofs, including blue, red, green, and yellow.

We installed additional 5m pagodas at each entry point.