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By Hannah Field|Published 13/06/2018

As British manufacturers, we have the ability to design and make new temporary structures in line with the changing wants and needs of the market. We know that the curved-roof structures are becoming increasingly more popular, so we have manufactured a brand new 30m curved option for our clients!

The first client we supplied the 30m curve to is based in Scotland, so we of course did a test build at our Bournemouth warehouse prior to transporting. The team gathered around to watch us lift the frames, and it was great to see the pride that our teams have in their work.

Keep an eye out as we’ll post some finished images of the structure as soon as it’s complete.

Do you own marquee company and want to add the 30m curve to your stock? Get in touch for a sale price today 01202 577 111/ team@mar-key.com


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