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By Hannah Field|Published 16/10/2017

Ahead of the high winds forecast this week, please ensure you adhere to the below:

The structure is kept closed to all sides whenever possible.

If the structure has 2 entrances you must use the entrance NOT on the windward side, however inconvenient this may be.

Extra care should be taken when opening and closing the doors incase the wind catches the door.

If you structure has soft PVC sides, these should be fully closed every time the marquee is exited and the metal ground bar re-installed to prevent wind getting inside the structure.

Keep solid doors closed at all times when not in use. DO NOT leave doors propped open. 

Enter and exit the marquee away from the wind at all times.

DO NOT REMOVE, alter or modify any walls, poles, ropes, anchors, wires or integral sections.

If you need some more advice and want to talk to one of the team, give us a call: 01202 577 111


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