We are proud to design and manufacture all of our structures in-house on the South Coast of Britain.


made in britain





We can make and sell big tent structures with span widths of 10m to 30m wide on the gable end, with profiles of 220mmm/100mm. All of our structures are created in our UK facility from the highest quality materials, including frames made from high-impact anodised aluminium profiles and hot-dipped corrosive resistant galvanised steel.

With over 40 years’ experience in the business, we’re a trusted designer and manufacturer of temporary structures. Take a look at our offering below:

The Classic Series

For fans of the traditional, we stock a huge volume of A-Frame structures.

The Party Tent

Our small party tents offer a smaller and more intimate venue experience.


Pagodas bring a different dimension to any space and offer an attractive alternative to the A-Frame structures.

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