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International Women’s Day

By Hannah Field|Published 08/03/2017



Today, Wednesday 8th March, we are celebrating International Women’s Day. An initiative supported by everyone at Mar-Key Group, we have pledged to take action and #BeBoldForChange.

It is fair to say that there are fewer women than men working within the construction and engineering sectors, but this gives us all the more reason to celebrate those that do and the impact that they have on our business. We caught up with the Mar-Key ladies to talk about their roles, what they enjoy and what they think could change:

How do you think construction and engineering industries would benefit from more women?

‘Traditionally more associated with men, I guess a man’s physical strength means that men are perceived to be more suited to these industries.  However, an interest in these subject areas should be encouraged through education, encouragement and knowledge of availability, and letting young women know that these disciplines are equally open to them.’

‘Construction and engineering are technical industries which require attention to detail and passion – all of which are qualities not defined by gender!’

‘Having females working in these industries can assist in making them more approachable, especially to female clientele. It would also create a fresh approach, as women can provide a different perspective in situations.’ 

What encouraged you to choose a job in our industry?

‘It involves variety, new challenges and the opportunity to develop unexpected skills and meet people from all walks of life. Every client and project is different!’

‘I like the hands on aspect of it and the fact that you are not tied to a desk. Unlike in a large corporate company where you are just a widget in a massive machine, this kind of role allows you to be involved and see product / process end to end which in turn provides greater job satisfaction.’

What would you like to see change?

‘There are sometimes archaic attitudes towards women working in this industry. Whilst these are few and far between, it would be great for everyone to see men and women in this industry as equal.’

‘I’d like to see more female role models in our industry being championed – this would encourage more to see it as a possible career path.’

How would you encourage other women to choose a career in our industry?

‘The realisation that they wouldn’t be alone is hugely important. More and more women are becoming major players within this industry and it is an environment where innovative thinking, hard work and dedication really pays off.’

‘Hi vis, safety shoes and hard hats are not for everyone but it’s an environment that I feel comfortable in. I find it empowering to have knowledge in a male dominated field!’

‘Letting women know that there are many skills associated with a job in this industry is key. Everyone has something to give. By encouraging employers to make available more student placements and give young women the opportunity to experience things first hand, we can bring a whole new generation of women into this industry.’

Want to get involved? Visit https://www.internationalwomensday.com/BeBold

We will be bold and challenge bias and inequality

We will be bold and forge women’s advancement

We will be bold and celebrate women’s achievements

We will be bold and champion women’s education



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