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DofE Insight Visit

By Hannah Field|Published 09/05/2017

As official Partners of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE), we were recently invited to an Insight Visit at Alexandra Park School in London to see first-hand the training that the pupils go through ahead of their summer expedition which forms part of the Bronze DofE Award.

During our visit, the passion and enthusiasm of students and teachers alike was very apparent. This particular school has a whopping 17 volunteer teachers who give up their free time in order to train the students and prepare them for their award assessments. That’s 17 fantastic teachers who, on a Friday afternoon after a long working week, choose to stay a little later to help improve the lives of over 70 young people.

On this particular day the focus was on first aid training, cooking outdoors and equipment and food planning. All of these are skills which don’t traditionally form part of the national curriculum, but are essential life skills nonetheless. What we saw being taught, however, was even more than this. We watched as the students interacted within their groups unknowingly finding their own roles as leaders, decision makers or creative thinkers and forming new friendships with students they may never have spoken to before. They shared ideas, opinions and solutions to problems within their teams and were developing new soft skills… probably without even realising!

It is clear that it’s not only the students who gain from the DofE though. When speaking with Maths Teacher and DofE Manager Helen Green and other staff volunteers, it was humbling to hear just how much being part of the DofE family means to them too. The overriding reason for choosing to volunteer was the sense of pride and achievement that they feel in seeing a whole group of young people grow, develop and achieve their Award. The changes they see in students (both personally and in their school grades) makes it all worthwhile but above all, being part of the DofE is fun and they really do enjoy it!

We see real similarities between what the DofE stands for and the core values of Mar-Key Group as a company. What resonates the most is that people are more than the academic qualifications they may or may not achieve. There are endless other skills which are essential when entering into the world of work which you do not get taught in school, but which the DofE teaches young people. During our recruitment process, we always value these skills and personal attributes over academic qualifications, which is why we continue to endorse the DofE.

Mar-Key Group are hugely proud to play even a small part in the incredible work carried out by The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and look forward to continuing our support.

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